It’s no secret that in the modern world, beauty is of great importance. And not the last place is occupied by various hairstyles and hair care in general.

What is Trichophilia? So-Called Hair Fetish

Trichophilia is a fetish caused by a person’s excessive attention to their own or someone else’s hair when seeing, touching hair gives pleasure and even sexual arousal. In general, this fetish is not very rare. Many girls tend to literally deify their hair, make it almost a cult out of it, and, of course, when everything is in order with the hair, this can be a great pleasure, even excessive.

In trying to bring your hair to perfection, you may not notice how it already evokes a feeling comparable to sexual desire. When you want to comb, straighten, twist, in general – do everything and more with them, this may indicate the manifestation of a fetish called “trichophilia.”

Types of Hair Fetish

Trypsagnia – love for your own hair. People who have considered adherents of this fetish wash their hair extremely thoroughly, style it, cut it – in general, take care of it too reverently. Such people can most often be found in beauty salons, and hairdressing salons, a trip for them is comparable to a holiday.

Gynephilia is arousal from the appearance of pubic hair on a woman’s body. One of the most common and well-known forms of trichophilia. It is no coincidence that there was a fashion for intimate haircuts in the ’80s of the last century, and even now, it, although less, remains.

Pubophilia is arousal from male pubic hair. While many ladies love having their boyfriends clean-shaven, some still prefer to keep groin vegetation because they find it sexy and arousing, a characteristic that gives them masculinity.

Hirsutophilia is a love for hair that grows in the armpits. It is also characteristic of a certain part of both men and women and is already a somewhat strange whim. There are cases when the hair in the armpits grew so long that it was possible to twist braids from it. In our time, beards have again gained wide popularity, which previously was also widely used.

Even a peasant could have a gorgeous beard in the Middle Ages, but the most well-groomed and beautiful still belonged to the nobility.

Hair Fetish Role in BDSM: How to Tie the Hair Correctly

Many people like to use their hair in a bandage for various reasons. This greatly enhances the feeling of lack of freedom. It feels like something very personal, intimate, can be painful and humiliating.

Besides, it is often an effective way to fix the head still in the right position for forced oral sex other needs. If your hair is very smooth and is slipping out of the rope, use hairspray. It will reduce slipping and lightly glue the hair both with the rope and with each other.

Ring of Humble Pie: Hair Curler Fetish

You can use any ring. Take a section of hair, pass it through the ring and fold over the ring, curling back. Make sure the ring is secured about a third of the hair’s length from the head and the folded section is two-thirds of the hair’s length. Now wrap the folded strand with a thin string or fishing line, starting from the ring and towards the head.

When finished, wrap the remaining tail again, this time backward, and wrap again, now towards the ring, and finally tie the ends of the rope. Make sure to wrap your partner’s hair as tightly as possible. If you’ve done everything right, the hair will almost certainly not slip out from under the harness. The ring, of course, can be used as a fastener for some kind of bandage.

Tie two of these rings into your partner’s hair, one on each side of their head, and you will see how rich the possibilities are. For example, in scenes with humiliation, when hands are fastened to the sides of the head, after which you can order to perform various actions, say, serve lunch or pour a drink into a glass.

Which is not only difficult and humiliating but also automatically forces the lower one to pull himself by the hair, becoming like “self-punishment,” or you can fix the head of the bottom in a position for forced oral sex. One piece of advice – take it easy if you’re not very familiar with your partner.

This long hair fetish technique is a time-eater, and it definitely won’t be done from the word go. So it’s okay if you’re doing it with your long-term partner, but if you’re trying it with a girl you found on fetish dating sites, come on, don’t cry fie upon it.

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