Best Sugar Daddy Dating Sites in 2022

Seen Pretty Women? Seeking something along that line? Sugar daddy dating site is the answer for you. These sites allow two adults to enter a mutually beneficial agreement consensually— consider it unconventional, but this works for both parties, with no harm done (given that sex does not have to be a part of the agreement).

But before even stepping on sugar daddy dating sites, it is critical to understand what sugar daddy means. In case you didn't already, sugar daddy dating sites do not promise you romantic-type relationships. Yes, you can find a partner that is specifically looking for a romantic partner. But be it any relationship — one thing remains common, i.e., it will be a mutually beneficial agreement.

Aiming to serve both the parties: you (financially) and the rich partner (sexually).

Step only —assuming that even the romance-seekers will not engage in "real-romantic" commitments rather only give you a facade that they love you.

Because in the end, it is all about: lust and money. No strings attached.

Are Sugar Daddy Dating Sites Legit?

Sugar daddy dating sites are the perfect way to get into a mutually beneficial agreement. But that does not mean that every sugar dating site out there is perfect or even good.

Fake calls, advanced payment fraudsters to call girls, AI Bots, and leeches — you can encounter any of these if you are not careful on dating services. So, it is critical to evaluate the site beforehand and always choose a reputable, approved, and legitimate-looking company (behind the particular website or application). 

Still, even in this fake-virtual world, some sites are hundred percent legit; thus, best to find a suitable daddy for you.

  • is (The) largest, most successful, and most referenced sugar daddy dating site out there. With an active community of over 5.6 million, sugar daddies will not find it tough — in finding their dream sugar baby (goes both ways). Moreover, the excellent security features rule out fake users to ensure the personal safety of both.


    • A global member base of sugar daddies, giving girls the chance of finding a suitable daddy from the far end of the world
    • Higher female-to-male ratio


    • No dedicated mobile app (to "ensure privacy") of both users
    • Not free for sugar babies

    Pricing: US$ 39.00 (for 1-Month Membership Plan — Paid at once)

  • is one of those dating sites that people cannot openly admit that they are in love with. Everything about the site is — rich and fancy. Sugar babies can beforehand ascertain the income of the daddy (via the type of badge) and choose to foster the relationship accordingly.


    • Free registration for sugar babies
    • All sugar daddies (though millionaires ) are thoroughly verified for their income and identity — ensuring a safe environment.
    • A lot of mature men


    • No mobile app
    • Being a free platform for sugar babies — the competition is fierce

    Pricing: US$ 21.00 (1-Month Membership Plan — paid per month)


    Claimed to host over 9 million users from across 140 countries, Seeking Arrangement does not believe in sugarcoating anything and presents itself as it is. All the features and great functionality aside, Seeking Arrangement goes to extreme length to ensure everything is done in complete discreteness. So, you do not have to worry about your personal information being disclosed in any way.


    • Best for daddies seeking multiple arrangements
    • Seeking Arrangement is free for sugar babies


    • Biased towards millionaire's — mostly rejects someone if their annual pay is less than 100K

    Price: US$ 56 (1-Month Membership Plan — Paid at once)


    Beyond the simple GUI, enhanced functionalities, a promise of absolute discreteness, state-of-the-art security — SugarDaddyMeet stands out as one of the best sugar daddy dating sites because of its relative user base.

    Not only in terms of users but specifically — Sugar Daddy Meet has one of the largest percentages of sugar babies, with only 20 percent of users being daddies. Giving you a higher chance of finding the perfect baby for you (works for both).


    • A higher female-to-male ratio, making it easy for the sugar daddies to find the most suitable partner


    • Identity verification of sugar babies is really strict


    Pricing: US$ 49.96 (1-Month Membership Plan — Paid at once)


    Based in the United Kingdom, The idea of Secret Benefits is to cater to married men to find a paid affair — yes, sexual relationships; an Ashley Madison kind of deal. So, step on the platform considering that — you will find only married men mostly.

    Be that as it may, if you choose to register yourself on the site, you can have a chance of meeting (hooking) with a millionaire and, in turn, get a considerable allowance.


    • No strings attached — intentions are made clear beforehand


    • Mostly sugar daddies are married men

    Pricing: US$ 48.96 (1-Month Membership Plan)

Are There Free Sugar Daddy Dating Sites?

Understanding the type of relationship both the parties seek — most of the sugar daddy dating sites out there — do not demand registration fees from the sugar babies. On the flip side, they charge higher fees from the daddy to compensate for the losses.

So, finding a free sugar daddy dating site is not that challenging. Nonetheless, you have to be careful and keep your guard — regardless of the site you are using.

Because these dating sites are full of scammers and fraudsters — filled with unreal rightful members who can go to extreme lengths like human trafficking to make money out of you. Keeping that in mind, try only to utilize genuine, authentic, user-backed sites, and even after that, keep your guard (follow the instructions of the respective dating website).

Here are some of the well-known sugar daddy websites. These either do not charge any money or present much of the functionality of the website for free:

  • Sugar Daddy Meet: Yes, the aforementioned Sugar Daddy Meet dating site is a completely free platform for sugar babies. And you do not have to pay anything to utilize the platform and find rich individuals ready to date. Moreover, as stated above, the site is accessible only to men from the 20 richest countries, so be sure to receive a maximum allowance if you find someone suiting your preference.
  • What's Your Price: What's Your Price takes a different approach when it comes to online dating. There are no messages, no flirty catch-ups, or the initial awkwardness. Instead, it asks you to create an ad-card specifying the price (for free), and the daddies will pick the one they like.
  • Millionaire's Match: A free website for sugar babies, but the verification process is strict. Still, you can register and try things out and see if the verification (sometimes physical) is passable or not.
  • Reddit (r/SugarBaby): Yes, you heard that right! There is a subreddit page allowing you to post about yourself.
  • Elite Singles: A site dedicated to successful and highly educated individuals — Elite Singles also gives you a good chance of finding someone.

What Are Some Online Dating Tips for Sugar Daddy Dating Sites?

Here are some tips that can help you find perfect sugar daddy for you:

  • Ascertain the allowance you seek

As stated, it is the game of money. But not all sugar daddies are ready to spend a considerable allowance. Even the most famous dating sites— like NaughtyDate and IamNaughty — report that their sugar babies, on average, are paid anything between US$ 5K to US$ 3K. Yes, do not expect the daddies to pay more than that. If you are wondering, there is a good chance that you find someone too rich, but the (real and actual) privileged class remains very far from these sites, let alone the thought of them registering on it.

Moreover, not all sugar daddies seek similar service — some want to be in a short-term relationship for an important meeting, while some want to take you on a cruise with them. So, the allowance can also be on the relationship duration. If you ascertain all of these beforehand, you can easily fill your bio on the sugar-daddies and find a suitable match (while remaining happy).

  • Can you get physical

Though stated as mutually beneficial relationships which do not involve any sexual interaction whatsoever. Today, sugar daddies demand more from you. Yes, there are some sites that avoid using such sugar daddies; there is a good chance that you will find someone with sexual intention even on those sites with a hefty allowance than others. But it is up to you to decide whether you can get physical with a random individual or not. And only then step on the sites that include sex in the contract.

  • Security and Personal Privacy

Sugar Daddies dating sites are known to be vulnerable for women. While most of the dating sites out there put out fake stats to fool you about their security and privacy checks, most do little to nothing when it comes to ensuring personal security and privacy. So, be really careful and only register yourself on the sites that are genuine and both user & critics backed.