Stoner Dating in the UK

Stoner dating is definitely something you are not going to hear great things about. That is why it is hard for people interested in marijuana smoking dating activities to find a partner. If it sounds exciting and you are willing to try it, keep reading our genuine reviews of the most well-known stoner dating sites in the UK.

  • Explore Stoner Dating in the UK by Joining is the best platform to find marijuana lovers nearby. There is a special category where you can chat with users who are interested in stoner dating for as long as you want. Even if you are going to travel, you can browse members from all parts of the country and plan new adventures.

  • Have Fun on is another popular stoner dating site where you can meet amazing singles online. It is great because it has a section in which you may find only people looking for a marijuana smoking partner. In this way, you will feel comfortable and eager to share your preferences.

How to Find Stoner Dating

1. Join a stoner dating website

Stoner dating is not something you are going to hear your neighbours talking about or see users posting about it on social media. Especially in some countries, smoking marijuana is not even legal. Probably, this is what makes it so exciting, and people feel aroused because of the possibility of getting caught. Nowadays, the easiest way to find someone interested in stoner dating is to join a dating website. When you search in this section, you will surely find someone to talk openly about this stuff.

In most cases, registration on stoner dating sites is easy and completely free, so you’d better try this variant, you’ve got nothing to lose. You just have to fill in the required fields and confirm your registration via an email. They will send you instructions, and all you have to do is click on a link. Then, you are ready to start browsing profiles and interacting with interesting people.

2. Create an eye-catching profile

When it comes to online dating, your profile is the most important component. If you have a good-looking profile that stands out among the thousands, you are very likely to meet success and start dating a stoner. The main elements of a great profile are the screen name and the profile picture. We advise you not to choose pictures with bad quality because it might push the other members away. Blurry profile pictures can make members think your profile is not real. So, pick a recent photo of a good quality where your features are clearly visible. On the dating sites we described, you are given a chance to include a unique message to attract visitors’ attention. Keep in mind, and it should be short, no more than 140 characters, that is why you have to think of something original and engaging.

If you want your profile to be fully completed, you have to fill in the additional info fields as well. There, you have to share your eye colour, weight, height and say if you have any piercings or tattoos. Some fields are not about looks, such as education, religion, income, children. If you are serious about finding a partner, you have to be honest about who you are living with. In case you are living with your parents, stoner dating might be harder than you expected.

3. Use the search to find the best match

On the dating sites we mentioned above, there is an advanced search that you should take advantage of when searching for a stoner dating partner. If the singles you find are not the best match for you, you get to narrow or broaden your search depending on your preferences. You simply have to log into your profile and click on the Search button that is located in the upper left corner. The basic search features are gender, age interval and location.

When you are done with them, you can move on to the advanced parameters. Don’t forget to click on “With Photo” or “With Video” if you don’t want to connect with members without profile pictures. You may choose among straight, bisexual, or any orientation. Users also get to pick the ethnicity of their future stoner dating partners. If you don’t care about this stuff and don’t want to seem like a racist, just click on “Rather not say”. You can choose body type, eye colour, hair colour, piercings, and tattoos as well. When you use these advanced parameters, you have a better chance of finding the greatest match.

4. Be nice and open-minded

Now that you know how to use the functions of the dating sites let’s talk about your general behaviour in the chat rooms. Just stick to being nice and funny, and try not to ask so many personal questions in the beginning because the other person might think you are insolent and annoying. We know you are in search of someone to smoke pot with, but don’t start with that. Try to get to know each other first, then start arranging these things. It could not hurt if you start with a nice compliment either.

5. Don’t stay in the virtual world for too long

Dating sites are made interesting and entertaining with all these cool emojis and advanced options. While you are chatting, you might wish never to leave the site. But let’s not forget you are there for something specific, in this case, stoner dating, so you have to take your relationship out of the virtual world at some point. No matter how much you enjoy the chat, take the next step and invite your future partner on a real date.


  • What exactly is stoner dating?

    It is a lifestyle choice that usually involves marijuana-smoking activities. In most cases, it either makes or breaks the other person’s desire to date you. For many people, smoking pot together is a bonding and arousing thing.

  • Is there a special dating app for stoners?

    We have already presented you the most popular sites. We suggest you trust only authoritative sites and don’t fall for anything you see on the internet. Many other platforms are full of fake profiles and scammers, and you are only going to waste your time and energy.

  • Can I date a stoner if I don’t like to smoke weed?

    Yes, you can, as long as you are both okay with it. Just because someone has chosen this type of lifestyle, it does not mean you have to do it too.

  • Do I have to pay anything to use a stoner dating site?

    Normally, you don’t have to pay a dime. The websites we presented are completely free. You can register in a few clicks and use all of their great features.

  • Is my profile on a dating site visible to anyone?

    Yes, but you get to choose what to include in your public profile. If you don’t want other people to know you are a stoner, keep it discreet and don’t upload any pictures that can accuse you of such activity.