A person with an itching fetish gets sexual gratification from acts associated with itching. You can find people with this fetish via online dating sites.

What is An Itching Fetish?

A person with an itching fetish gets sexual gratification from either the itching sensation or combing someone else. Some of these people use things like itching powder, whereas some enjoy scenarios that involve mosquitoes or fleas.

Itching can either be a sexual fetish or sexual interest. What is the difference? Well, there isn’t much. Sexual interests become fetishes depending on the intensity of the fixation and how much the activity influences a person’s life. Generally, a fetish is considered to be a harmless sexual interest as long as it does not hurt anyone.

If you’ve recurring, intense sexual urges related to combing, feeling itchy, or making another person feel itchy, and it’s the only thing that turns you on or makes you climax, you may have an Itching fetish.

Do you get strangely pleasant sensations when performing a certain action to a sexual partner? Maybe you’re obsessed with feet. Any infatuation with a particular body part, action (sexual or nonsexual), role play, or inanimate object can be a fetish. Furthermore, a true fetish gets your juices going by generating the neurotransmitters associated with pleasure in your mind, thereby explaining why you want to repeat the sensation again and again. You might have multiple kinks you’ve never recognized.

An itching fetish is when one partner likes to touch another partner in a scenario involving itching. The difference is the second partner might not actually have an itch that needs to be scratched, but the action will still be performed. The two partners are engaging in the itching behavior because one or both enjoy the experience. Some people create elaborate scenarios for why they absolutely must itch their partner. One scenario occurs when a female secretary has a fantasy that a technician with big muscles enters his office to fix his computer and then helps him scratch an itch on her back. Even if the office door is open, there is the excitement of a boss or coworker walking in while you’re naughty! Even if you’ve never explored an itching scenario to this extent, you will empathize with the excitement of the fantasy!

Signs of an Itching Fetish

  • Getting sexually aroused from itching
  • Sexual interest in itching
  • Intense, recurring sexual urges associated with itching.

What Are Common Signs You Have an Itching Fetish?

You want to touch your partner, and you’re often itching or tickling your partner. However, your partner feels this level of physical attention is too frequent, or you’re overly obsessed with the action. It’s similar to a tickling fetish or wanting to sleep naked and having sex with a partner by rousing her from slumber. You can’t get enough of the way a partner responds to your actions, even negatively, by squirming away or blocking your touch. You love the laughter or grimace that occurs when you hint at scratching her.

Types of Itching Fetishes

If you are into itching, you might come under one of the following categories:

Itching Top: The individual who uses itchy substances on their partner to make them feel itchy while they are helpless and restrained. They continue to make them feel itchy and might order them to not scratch scratch with their permission. Their partner might even pass out from intense, prolonged itching. However, it is done with the consent of the subject for sexual gratification. It can be an extremely exciting activity for a person with an itching fetish and can also give sadistic pleasure to the top/dom.

Itching Bottom: The victim, generally restrained, of itching torture, who gives consent to this activity for the sexual gratification of both the partners. If the itching is prolonged, the “bottom” might suffer from acute agony due to automatic reflexes, such as crying, screaming, muscle spasms, ejaculation, and even loss of consciousness. Many members of the BDSM community have this fetish. However, if you are planning to take combing torture to extremes, it is crucial for the bottom to be in good health because prolonged severe combing can cause seizures and strokes.

However, an itching fetish is relatively harmless. Unless it involves excessive, rough itching that can start to feel pain is done without consent: starts interfering with your work, daily life, relationships, health, or happiness.

How to Explore the Itching Fetish

You can explode itching as a BDSM practice that involves bondage, restraints, combing powder, and other similar substances, or even tickling sex toys. It can serve as a form of foreplay, play, dominance/submission, humiliation, punishment, or torture, depending on your intention.

Itching in BDSM can be utilized in sensation play or impact play too. It can also help induce a forced climax (if the subject finds the sensation of combing sexually arousing).


Itching does not sound as dangerous as other BDSM practices, so many people might think that there is not a right/wrong way to practice this. However, there are things that need to be considered to ensure the safety and maximum pleasure of both the parties- no matter how extreme or vanilla the sexual act. First, you need to get consent. Do not use itchy substances or put your partner through combing without their permission. You might personally find it arousing, but it can turn your partner off if it’s not their thing. Secondly, communication is key when it comes to sexual matters. You need to know your partner’s preferences if you want to please them. Ask them where do they prefer the combing sensation? Lastly, have a safe word.

How to Find a Partner with an Itching Fetish

While there are some communities online dedicated to it, combing is not a common sexual fetish. It is rare. In fact, few people are interested in this act. This can make it hard for you to find someone with this sexual interest. However, it is normal, and other people have it too. If you want to find a partner who would be interested in itching-related sexual activities, the Internet is the best place to look for them. You can find thousands of individuals who are interested in this activity and open about their fantasies on the internet. Fetish dating platforms are some of the best sites to find a partner in UK.

How to Learn More About Itching Fetishes

If you’re looking for a sexual partner or a role-playing friend with whom to explore an itching fetish, consider joining a fetish dating site. This is where your obsession for itching is equally respected and encouraged by members of the online dating platform. Some communities focus more on discussing a fetish and sharing content, while others focus on setting up dates and video sessions to explore common fetishes. Every fetish dating site can create scenarios that can harm your physical safety and privacy. Therefore, be careful what you post online. Never share your location or contact information with strangers. Fetish dating requires open communication and respect between partners.

Keep an open mind when joining online dating sites. Start out in a forum with private members. Post a question about an itching fetish and read the diverse responses you get. Then, follow up with private chats when users write something that sparks your curiosity. You will be shocked by some answers, but that’s part of exploring any fetish. Remember, by joining a specific service, you can attract weirdos who pester you with questions or ask to meet. Others who are less pushy might become friends or future partners. There is no rush to explore a fetish or compromise your privacy!

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