Pregnant Dating in the UK

Online dating is tough enough on its own, but something as niche as pregnant dating is even harder to find online. Not many sites cater to pregnant dating and the ones that don’t cater to it very well.

Not to worry, though, we decided to look into pregnant dating in the UK and have compiled a list of the top three pregnant dating sites across England, including all you need to know about pregnant dating.


    OneNightFriend is perfect for pregnant dating and well-equipped with effective search filters that allow you to find pregnant women on the site.

    While the site is best for those seeking something casual, you could always find a serious relationship with pregnant partners.

    Its simple site design, paired with its variety in search tags, makes it the best site for pregnant dating in the UK.

  • does not cater specifically to pregnant dating but is excellent for it nonetheless.

    Using their search filters, you can filter your results using the keyword pregnant. This way, all your search results will only include pregnant people.

    Flirt also has a large membership base that helps you find pregnant people.


    Just like OneNightFriend, IAmNaughty is great for members looking to start a causal relationship.

    Its cost-effectiveness and simple site design make it good for pregnant dating. The search filters are also very effective in helping you find what you’re looking for.

How to Find a Pregnant Dating Site in the UK

Pregnant dating works very similarly to regular online dating, except it’s only open to those who are interested in dating a pregnant woman. Pregnant dating sites are a great place for pregnant women and men to meet, interact, and form relationships.

So much goes into these sites to make them as effective as can be to cater well to pregnant women and those seeking out a relationship with them.

We want you to have the best pregnant dating experience possible. So to help you, here is a step-by-step breakdown of how pregnant dating sites work;

Create an Account

When creating your account, make sure you list your love for pregnant women among your interests, along with some personal information you’ll like other users to know about you.

The last step in account creation is your profile photo. Your profile picture can range from something simple to more explicit as long as it showcases your interest in pregnant women. A good profile photo will help you in attracting more beautiful pregnant women on the site.

Profile Description

As the first thing people will see about you, your user profile should highlight your interest in pregnant women, the specific features you look for in a woman and other important details about you. This makes it easier for pregnant women to find and message you.

You can put other things like your ideal date, etc., on your profile too.

User profiles are also great in helping you find pregnant women you connect with, so ensure to always read profiles before sending out messages.

Chatting Tips

Ensure that the pregnant dating site you join has a very simple and effective messaging platform.

When chatting with a pregnant woman, the key thing is to state clearly what your interests are. For example, if you’re looking for a sexual relationship with a pregnant woman, ensure to make it clear to her, so you’re both on the same page.

And if you don’t know how to start a conversation, icebreakers are here to help you. These short, automated messages help make your pregnant dating experience easier by setting the mood of the conversation for you.


  • Are pregnant dating sites in the UK legit?

    Not every pregnant dating site you come across online is legitimate or secure enough for use. We always ensure that each of the pregnant dating sites we suggest to you has been carefully checked against our strict security rules. OneNightFriend, Flirt, and IAmNaughty have all been carefully checked and are both 100% legit and safe.

    They are all perfect sites to find pregnant women dating or searching for a relationship – this could be either a romantic or sexual relationship.

  • Are pregnant dating sites worth joining?

    Yes, definitely. If you’re interested in dating a pregnant woman and need a place where you can gather, find pregnant women, and start up a relationship with them, the best choice for you would be to join a pregnant dating site.

    It makes your pregnant dating process much faster, as you can find new people easier. It creates a safe place for you to interact with single and pregnant dating women who share your interests.

  • Are pregnant dating sites free?

    If you’re serious about joining a pregnant dating site in GB, you must be willing to spend at least a small sum of money.

    The vast majority of these pregnant dating sites offer free membership plans to all their users. However, you’ll soon see that most of those accounts are pretty useless and only good for those who want to see what the site is like.

    You can’t use all the search filters, you can’t send messages, and you won’t be able to access all parts of the site. The best thing to do would be to upgrade to a paid account, as most paid accounts are cost-effective.

  • Are pregnant dating sites scam free?

    Most of them are scam-free. As said before, we always check the sites we recommend to you and would never recommend a scam site.

    A great way to identify scam pregnant dating sites is through their site reviews- as most will probably be bad. It would help if you also were on the lookout for fake profiles, as these are very rampant in scam sites.

  • Are pregnant dating sites age restricted?

    Yes, they are, and for a good reason. Lots of people who join pregnant dating sites aren’t looking for serious relationships. They are mostly searching for casual sex or a hookup. And the majority of them are above 20 UK adults.

    As a result, younger people cannot be on these sites. OneNightFriend, Flirt, and IAmNaughty all require their users to be at least 18 years before creating an account on their site.