Like paraphilia, breast fetishism (also known as mastopact, breast partilism, or masophilia) is a highly typical sexual interest that exclusively focuses on the female breast, which is a form of partism.

The term “breast fetish” is also used in a non-paraphilic sense to refer to cultural attention to the female breast and the sexuality that it represents. Scientists hypothesize that non-paraphilic sexual attraction to the breasts results from their function as a secondary sexual characteristic. The breasts play a role in both sexual pleasure and reproduction.

However, that kink is mostly related to the largest boobs size. It is very common among men to love female breasts, and mostly, regardless of their size. But big breast fetishists are focused on the enormous size of female boobs, which is sometimes leading to their partners’ health problems.

He Will Pay for My Breast Augmentation Surgery up to the Tenth Size

Men often remain selfish even if they date someone for a long time. And willing to go to great lengths to satisfy their breasts fetish. Some may even offer a girl to support her financially while they are together in exchange for breast augmentation surgery.

But only a few men imagine how it is to wear the tenth breast size. This, in fact, cripples a woman’s body and making her day-to-day life impossible. So think twice before suggesting this to your girlfriend.

Woman’s Breast: Top Craziest Facts

Breast size is inherited

Yes, yes! There is nothing to blame for the size of your female dignity. All claims to parents. We look at mom, grandmothers and draw conclusions. By the way, the sisters’ breasts may differ significantly: one will receive balloons, the other will pick pimples.

Sagging is inevitable

Aging – a nasty thing that changes the shape of your breasts. An aunt in 60 years will never be the owner of a super-tits. If her breasts are erect, like those of an 18-year-old, then it wasn’t done without myoplasty.

Also, the “combat stance” of the “girls” is influenced by:

  • Ah-ha-ha, well, gravity! It’s really pulling them to the ground. Physics has not been canceled yet!
  • Smoking. Nicotine makes the skin sag. It destroys collagen, which is responsible for skin elasticity. As a result, the tits sag sadly
  • Sleep. Strange, of course, but those who love sleeping on their stomachs risk flattening their pride into pancakes. No jokes

There are four types of nipples

They are bulging, flat, swollen, and upside-down. This is an absolute norm, so there is no reason for hysteria.

What is Mammological Sex? Breast Sex?

This type of sexual contact is associated with the fact that a man stimulates the female breast with his penis. In the traditional sense, the male penis moves between two female breasts. In this case, it does not matter at all what size the same breast is.

At first glance, it may seem that a girl should be the owner of magnificent forms for such experiments. In fact, even the smallest size can be used for breast sex. Here the following question arises: “In what position can you have breast sex?” There are no restrictions. It all depends on your desires, capabilities, and imagination. Girls with small breasts can sit on top.

You understand that this is a way to increase the chances of success and pleasant feelings slightly. The most standard position is the man on top. So he can observe the expression on the face of his chosen one. Besides, total control is created on his part over the course of sexual intercourse. Some people like it when a partner stimulates the penis with her breasts while kneeling.

Advice on How to Kissing Boobs Correctly

The best way to stimulate a girl’s breast is to use your lips and tongue. For girls – ask your partner to take their teeth away for now because not all girls like it when their boyfriend literally bites into nipples in a fit of passion.

Yes, this instinct comes from a distant childhood, it is absorbed with breast milk, but this is not a reason to show the animal nature. Let it be light touches of the tongue, which will fall on the nipple-areola itself.

Do not skimp on kisses – gentle and unhurried, as if tasting them. In this case, you will not only forget about the embarrassment, but you will also be able to experience all the charm of her new erogenous zone fully, and you will also get close to the riddle of “breast” orgasms that were previously inaccessible.

Well, just keep in mind that the female breast is one of the most sensitive places on her body, and how it will be felt strictly depends on her mood. But don’t be afraid. Not a single boobs fetishist was harmed during experiments with the female breast. Well, for now.