Best Redhead Dating Sites

There are some websites that exclusively cater to redhead dating. A few like have been designed to connect ginger people and the people who would love to date them. There are a couple of other all-purpose adult dating sites where you can meet redhead singles looking for other singles for dating.

You don’t have to be a redhead to join these dating sites. The beauty of online dating is that you can meet the type of people you want to date, and these people might be of different races, ethnicity, background, or lifestyle. In this case, you might be into redheads, yet you’re not a redhead, and these are the perfect dating sites to meet and date them.

This review samples some of the online dating sites you can use to meet adult redhead singles who seek dating partners. These online platforms have a significant number of redheads and guarantee you’ll meet your match on the sites. We tell you about the websites’ membership, free features, and price plans.

How to Choose the Best Redhead Dating Site

There are many dating sites out there that claim to connect you with single redheads. So how do you choose the best dating sites for connecting with redheads among the many online platforms? The first thing is to check the authenticity of the dating site. There are many platforms that are not legit. Read online reviews from other adult singles who have used the sites. Once you’ve established that it’s a good or genuine dating site, the next step is to check the membership.

You want to use a site that has a significant number of redheads. A dating site with a large user base is likely to have some redheads. You should therefore check out for sites with many members. The only exception would be websites specifically made for ginger people. In this case, the number of members does not really matter because redheads are likely to make the highest proportion of the members.

You should also check the features and the pricing. Do they have good communication channels like chatrooms? At what cost are you going to communicate with other members online? Strive to use a platform that is within your budget but still gives you access to all essential features.


    Members: has over 1 million members worldwide. It increases the chances that you are going to meet some ginger singles on the platform. Most of the singles on the dating site are young people who are between 20 and 35 years old. is mostly used to connect with singles for casual interactions.

    Free Features: This platform comes with both free and premium membership. Some of the services available to free members include sending winks, registering for an account, replying to messages, and adding people to your ‘Favorites’ list.

    Price Plans: You’ll have to be a premium member to access features like unlimited chats and extended search. There are two Premium membership plans:

    • One month at 28.80 USD
    • Three months at 48.60 USD

    Members: has over one million members in the United States alone. Besides, there are 1.7 million visits worldwide on the dating site. These numbers increase your odds of finding compatible ginger for a relationship. Members on this platform are seeking singles for a serious relationship or marriage. There are some people who use it to find friends and casual hookup partners.

    Free Features: It is free to sign up and get an account at Cupid. As a free member, you can also search for members, use the chatroom, quiz match, and create a profile.

    Price Plans: Messaging other users at Cupid is a premium feature. To access messaging as well as other premium features, you have to subscribe to any of the following plans:

    • One month at 23.99 USD
    • Three months at 62.37 USD
    • Six months at 95.94 USD


    Members: There is no data for the exact number of users at IWantU, but the website enjoys millions of monthly visits. The website definitely has a large user base. Members use the platform to make instant connections with other singles looking for partners.

    Free Features: We couldn’t find information on free features, but the website has both free and paid membership. Women can sign up for free.

    Price Plans: There is a 3-day trial new members can use to sample the services. The trial costs 3.18 USD per day. There are two Premium plans:

    • One month at 24.49 USD
    • Three months at 41.97 USD

    Members: As the name suggests, the majority of members on this dating site are adult redheads. You’ll therefore find a large number of gingers on this platform.

    Free Features: Creating an account and profile at is free. It is also free to browse profiles, show interest, and receive matches.

    Price Plans: Premium membership starts from 12.50 British Pounds per month for a year’s membership.



    Members: This is the perfect place to find a ginger date because of the high number of redheads on the platform.

    Free Features: It is free to sign up and have an account on this website.

    Price Plans: There are four Premium plans:

    • One month at 29.95 British Pounds
    • Three months at 59.97 British Pounds
    • Six months at 90 British Pounds
    • One year at 150 British Pounds

Who Joins Redhead Dating Sites?

Redhead dating sites are not exclusively for redheads. There are many people who are into ginger hair who do not have it. Therefore, these online platforms are for ginger people and the non-ginger adult singles who would love to date them, hook up with them, or just become friends for hangouts. Anyone can therefore join a ginger dating site if they are interested in dating redheads. If you have a fetish for ginger people, go ahead and join any of the dating sites listed above.

Most gingers would definitely join a ginger dating site to connect with people looking for ginger dates. Therefore, these platforms have a high number of ginger singles looking for partners, and the people they are looking for do not necessarily have to be redheads like them.

Dating Tips for Redhead Singles

There is nothing unique about dating a redhead, except that you must appreciate that they’re a bit different. Whether you meet on a dating app or in real life, they are fun people to hang out with. When walking down the streets, they stand out because of their hair. They also tend to resemble. You should therefore be ready to have your girlfriend or boyfriend being mistaken for another ginger.

Ginger people are stereotyped as being hot-tempered. Rather, they can be passionate, very loving, and calm in stressful situations. However, they are quite sensitive. Ginger people are also proud of their hair color.

Ginger people are also extremely rare. So if you’re dating one, there is definitely a lot of attention that will come with it. The chances of getting ginger babies with them are also high. And their hair never goes grey. Fun fact – people who are red-haired are more likely to be left-handed.