Gay Prisoner Pen Pal Dating in the UK

It always has been difficult for men to find gay prison penpals in the UK. But today, it is already possible to meet an inmate online who is yearning for attention and sincere friendship. We will review the most popular dating sites where you can find a kind gay man in prison and turn him into your new pal.

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How to Find a Gay Prisoner Pen Pal

1. General chatting tips

In the past, prisoners were only allowed to write letters, but the situation is not the same. Nowadays, those in more open prisons can have access to technology and maintain online relationships with many people from the outside world.

If you meet gay prison inmates, you must remember to be patient with them. After all, they are in prison and have to follow certain rules, so they probably won’t be able to respond to your messages 24/7. Always try to predispose the person to feel comfortable and share with you. Of course, not everyone will tell you they are in prison right from the beginning, but once you find out, don’t be so shocked. Just because a person is in a place like this doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with them.

You need to be aware of the type of relationship you want to have with gay prisoners. You have to decide: do you want to keep your communication online, or do you want to visit them in prison? Luckily, you have unlimited access to the chat rooms of the dating sites we described, so you have plenty of time to discuss everything and make the right decision. Finally, we all know everyone deserves a second chance, but you should try to find out why your new friend is in jail in the first place. We suppose you only want to maintain a relationship with a gay in prison who wants to change for the better. So, do extensive research and don’t let anyone fool you in the chat room.

2. Improve your profile

Your profile should always look its best. This is the number one rule for success on online dating platforms. On the three websites that we suggested, you can add some information about your looks like height, weight, hair color, eye color, tattoos, piercings.

Appearance is not everything, that is for sure, but still, gay prisoners tend to pay a lot of attention to it. They are used to looking at ugly things in prison, and they are hoping to see something beautiful again. Make sure you choose a recent and good-looking photo with a nice background in your profile. Amazing landscapes will attract the attention of gay prisoners. Don’t put a blurry picture you took a hundred years ago because members will notice and probably not respond to your messages.

In case you want to be more discreet while looking for gay prisoner pen pals, it is not mandatory to fill in all fields. If you want your profile to look even more attractive, you can add a status. This is a short message that will show other users what you are thinking about at the very moment.

It is always better to avoid clichés because people are sick and tired of those. Think of something interesting and engaging that could make your profile stand out. The most important thing is to stay positive and not use negative tones in your status and profile in general. Gay prisoners are hoping to change their lives and always searching for positivity.

3. Take advantage of additional parameters

All of the above dating sites will allow you to use the advanced search and add some additional parameters to find the perfect gay prisoner pen pal. You don’t have to waste your time talking to straight people when searching for a gay friend. You can choose orientation and ethnicity filters and discover the best match.

If you have serious intentions about your future new gay pen pal, you need to connect with someone you like physically and emotionally. You can easily find the person with the greatest appearance when you enter the desired body type, hair, and eye color. The dating sites we described allow you to do that.

Moreover, you can pick a gay guy with or without piercings and tattoos. It is commonly believed all prisoners have tattoos, but who knows, you may find an exception. Sometimes gay prisoners might not have the chance to take pictures, so don’t be surprised if you see a profile without a photo. But if they have provided the other required information and behave nicely, there is nothing wrong with giving them a chance.


  • How long should I wait for a gay prisoner pen pal to respond?

    Keep in mind a he has to follow the rules and can’t be online all the time. Wait a couple of days, and if you don’t hear back from them, maybe they are not interested. There are plenty of people to talk to on the dating sites, so don’t get discouraged.

  • Is it appropriate to ask my new friend why they are in prison?

    It depends on how deep your connection is. Of course, you can’t write to a prisoner and ask him that before you haven’t even said hi, because you might push him away. When you two get closer, you can delicately ask.

  • What if my gay prisoner pen pal is getting released soon and wants to meet me in person?

    If you want to stay in touch, there is nothing wrong with organizing a meeting. But if you don’t want your relationship to continue in the real world, you have to find a nice way to tell them you are not interested anymore.

  • Can anyone see I am chatting with gay inmate pen pals on a dating site?

    You are the one who decides what information and pictures to upload to your public profile. No one can see your personal messages and correspondence, so you can rely on discretion.