Best Swingers Dating Sites

Swingers enjoy open relationships and engage in sexual activities with multiple partners simultaneously. The swinger community is growing quickly, giving couples and singles a way to add some excitement to their lives. For new swingers, finding the right platform to meet like-minded people can be tricky. Being able to pick the best swingers dating sites can resolve the issue, though, and our reviews of top dating platforms will save you from a lot of hassle. Pick a dating site reading our reviews, be a member, exchange messages, and explore the true bliss associated with the whole swinging lifestyle.

How to Choose the Best Swingers Dating Site

So many sites now claim to help people interested in trying a swinging lifestyle. You need to choose the one that seems to serve you well. For instance, you may be a unicorn looking for a couple, but the site you choose may work better when connecting couples with couples. Checking the member base is, therefore, an important consideration for all. Some dating sites may have a few thousand members, but others may come with a community of more than 3 million users and counting. You will have better chances of meeting the right folks for swingers dating when the options are virtually unlimited. Be sure to check how diverse the member base is because that is the only way to live out your fantasies. Similarly, ensure the site is convenient to join and is even easier to navigate. It should let you in within seconds, so you can be where all the action is. Thankfully, you do not need to do all the research because we have already compiled a list of top-rated swingers dating sites to ensure you end up having the best experience.


    With millions of members and more than 137,000 members becoming active every week, you are sure to find couples and unicorns looking for swingers dating on this site. The design is quite catchy, the navigation makes it easy to use, and the signup takes a few minutes only. Try different notification settings, utilize the wink feature to attract members, and exchange messages in real-time. Messaging and chatting are premium features, but you can sign up, upload videos/photos, send winks, like photos, and use basic search functionalities free of cost. The membership plans are affordable, though, as you can join for $39.00 for a month. A 3-month plan costs $21.90/month, whereas a 6-month plan costs you $17.70/month.


    Call it the ultimate destination for finding some fetish for swingers. A large majority of couples looking for kinky love are there on this site. You can meet unicorns as well, but most of them are looking for some fetish action. It is not your traditional dating site but still makes it easier to meet adventurous people. Most members are kinky but may not be ready for a hookup in real life. Engaging in the community will help you win a date, though. You can join many fetish-specific groups for free, but you will have to upgrade your account for advanced fetish search and exchanging messages in real-time. With your premium account, it is possible to view photos and videos of other members as well as their fetishes and kinky fantasies. You can choose from three plans – 6 months (21.49 GBP), 12 months (42.98 GBP), and 24 months (85.97 GBP).


    With millions of members, easy navigation, various free features, and a free-to-download mobile app, is among the best swingers dating sites around. It offers several gender options to get you started. Join as an individual or a couple to explore its features. Complete your profile stating what type of relationship you like. Though 74% of the members are straight people, you can meet the members of the LGBTQ community using search features. With a free account, you can message, like other profiles, and use basic search filters. For VIP privileges, be sure to join, which costs you 11.46 GBP/month. You can save some money by going for a 3-month plan, which costs 7.64 GBP/month.


    This easy-to-use swinger dating site works quite like Facebook but is geared towards swingers looking to meet like-minded couples. It lets you see other members’ photos and messages along with their comments, videos, and “like” buttons. The sidebar filters are quite useful too. The modern layout of this swingers dating site is catchy, and you can easily find your way to blogs, groups, and swinger videos. Nothing comes for free on this dating site, so you need to be a Gold member first. Their monthly plan costs you 39.95 GBP, whereas the 3-month plan costs 19.31 GBP/month. You can lower it to 14.29 GBP/month by signing up for their 12-month plan.


    With easy and free registration, it lets you meet swingers in all parts of the UK. Interestingly, it lets you join their active group chat room for free. Many other functionalities are available for free, like sending out 3 messages, checking profile photos, and sending out a “quickie.” The location tags are attached to usernames, giving you a clear indication of the location of those members. There is no mobile app available, though. You can become a member for 16.95 GBP/month and save some money by joining their yearly plan, which costs 56.95 GBP only.

Who Joins Swingers Dating Sites

You can join a swingers dating site if you do not want to spend the rest of your life with only one partner. For those interested in open relationships, the swinging lifestyle is just what the doctor ordered for them. You will be in it with your partner’s consent – sometimes, they may not be ready to engage in sexual activities but are okay with you having some fun. The sites are perfect for single women – called unicorns – looking for couples to engage in threesome action. Some sites are also perfect for same-sex action, so you can be a couple and find a guy to join you and have sex with both of you.

Dating Tips for Swingers

Swingers’ lifestyle may not work for everyone, but dating sites will definitely help you decide if you should go ahead and live out your fantasies. Never let that big-ticket decision happen haphazardly. Do not feel rushed or pressured just because your partner thinks it is something you both should try.

Once you have found an interested partner, never go ahead without spending time discussing what you want. Take it as being on a double date, so everything needs to be planned in advance. Even if everything seems in order, you should still ease in slowly. There is nothing wrong with showing some hesitation and stretching your boundaries with trepidation.

Keep checking in with your partner and consider how you feel about everything happening with or around you. Similarly, talk about a signal to use when you feel uncomfortable, but if you have a fulfilling experience, do not shy away from branching out and trying new ways to rope in other like-minded people.