A sexual kink that entails balloons is a balloon fetish. A balloon fetishist is known as a “looner” as well. Some balloon fetishists take pleasure in the bursting of balloons, and at the mere prospect of popping balloons, others can become nervous and tearful. Yet others prefer to blow up balloons and sit down or lie on them.

Balloon fetish is a fascination that brings sexual gratification or stimulation to a person who has an odd obsession with or linked to balloons. Actually, looners are obsessed with balloons and everything associated with them. Some looners love to inflate balloons by themselves, or they may enjoy watching someone of the other gender blow up balloons. Some prefer popping balloons using different ways. Some feel fascinated by the color, looks, touch, motion, sound, and smell of balloons. The fascination itself differs widely from individual to individual. There are vastly more numbers of looner men than balloon fetish girls.

A balloon has four stages in its life – inflation or blowing it up by whatever means, appreciation, or the enjoyment of how it looks, contact or touching it to the skin, and bursting or releasing. Of these stages, any one or more can be the biggest focus of a looner, with the remaining stages being merely complementary.

The fetishists can be classified into two groups based on their activity of enjoyment – poppers, and non-poppers, who have totally different focus points.

A popper fetishist is mostly delighted by the explosion of the balloon in two ways – by the anticipation of the balloon bursting and the subjective feeling of the blast. But the procedure to blast the balloon often varies considerably from person to person. Blowing to burst is preferred by some people, where the balloon is kept on being inflated till such time it cannot expand any longer and eventually pops. It’s perfect with the poppers, and some of them can also orgasm from it. Some don’t really have to be personally active; they love watching it, and that is sufficient for their enjoyment.

Often the companion or a member of the preferred sex is made to do the blowing up act. A fetishist enjoys it most thoroughly when it is executed in this way. On top of the more emotionally active and sexually exciting balloon fetish approaches like leaning, embracing, pressing, knocking, scratching. So on, some people love watching various types of erotic bursting, using items like pins and cigarettes. What excites the popper type of fetishist in these scenarios and his primary focus is the creation of suspense and the sexual arousal of the balloon popping at any moment.

The non-popper type of fetishist, on the other side of the picture, clearly despises – sometimes fiercely – the smashing of the balloon. He chooses to communicate with it and respect the balloon instead. In their chosen contact, experts find more complexities and more individualities in this type of balloon fetishist. Activities can vary from actually inflating and carrying balloons for fun to having other people communicate with them or positioning them underneath the crotch and hopping naked on the big balloons. This positioning and hopping is known as riding or boinking.

Besides, there is another subcategory of non-popper fetishists who love balloon stuffing. This is when the looner wears hugely loose-fitting clothes, puts the balloon inside their clothing, and enjoys the physical contact with the balloon.

Each of these looners’ classes has a few things in their balloon fetish in common with the others. The most prominent in the region of convergence – is a universal sexual attraction to balloons. Their chosen behavior may include a sex partner of the same or opposite gender, and this partner may be either a spectator or an active partaker of the action. Sometimes, the sexual experience involving balloons is just a part of foreplay, and in such cases, it becomes incidental to the actual sex act.

Unfortunately, frank and honest discussions about balloon fetish stories are still considered taboo in our society. But don’t beat yourself up for it. Just because you are turned on by interacting with balloons absolutely doesn’t have to signify that you’re not a normal person. Do you enjoy having a balloon fetish? You’re completely normal. That’s completely perfect if you’re really interested in experimenting in bed with balloons.

A piece of good last advice for looners who are just starting out would be to try with a zeppelin balloon. You can blow them up really quickly, unlike normal supermarket latex balloons, and you can safely use them during sex by sitting on or leaning against them.

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