Inflation fetish is when you get sexual gratification from inflating or pretending to inflate a body part. You can find people with this fetish online.

What is Inflation Fetish?

Inflation fetish, also referred to as expansion fetish, is when you get sexual gratification from inflating or pretending to inflate your or someone else’s body parts, usually the belly, buttocks, and breasts. A lot of people fantasize about inflating the subject’s body to the point it appears almost spherical except for the head, feet, and hands. Whether in fiction or in practice, this inflation can happen by filling the body parts with an enema, water, air, food, blueberry juice, or any gaseous or aqueous substance. It can also be done by fitting balloons underneath skin-tight suits or clothes and inflating them. Some people also get inflatable suits made specially, generally from latex rubber, to make themselves or their partner appear bigger throughout.

Similar to the balloon fetish, the inflation fetish has a fun twist. Instead of filling air into a balloon, it involves sticking a pump inside the anus and inflating the body until it feels like it is about to burst. After doing this, the subject continues to fart for hours and hours. For a lot of people, that is a plus. Apart from having huge online communities that are dedicated to this practice, particularly filling the belly with gas, you can also find millions of accounts on YouTube that post videos of bellies slowly growing larger.

Fat Fetishism

The inflation fetish is closely linked to fat fetishism. Many fat fetishists, also commonly known as “chubby chasers,” also have an inflation fetish. These people have an often exclusive and an overwhelming sexual attraction towards extremely obese individuals of their preferred sex. A fat fetishist does not necessarily need to have direct access to a grossly overweight person. They often make their sexual partners engage in certain activities like inflation (where the person inflates the abdomen with liquid or air) or padding (where the person wears layered or padded clothing to make it look like they have a swollen abdomen).

Belly Inflation Fetish

The first thing that comes to mind when someone asks “what is inflation fetish?” is the belly inflation fetish.

Belly inflation fetish is a part of the body inflation practice. It involves inflating (or pretending to inflate) your own or someone else’s belly for sexual gratification and arousal. For some people, it is connected with getting aroused from receiving enemas.

There is also a subgroup of individuals who derive sexual arousal and pleasure from the bellies and navel. This sexual paraphilia is referred to as Alvinophilia. The size of the belly is a major aspect of a fat fetishist’s or an inflation fetishist’s sexual focus. Therefore, many fat admirers or inflation fetishists over-feed their partners so they can become bigger or use temporary things to make them appear bigger. For a lot of these people, increasing the belly size is the main sexual focus. Pregnancy fetishism is also another behavior similar to alvinophilia.

Scrotal Inflation Fetish

Scrotal inflation, also called scrotal infusion, is a sexual practice which involves injecting a fluid (generally saline solution, but it can also be air or some other gas) into a man’s scrotum to make it as big as a balloon.

How to Find a Partner with The Same Fetish as You

Inflation fetish is not as common as most fetishes. The number of people who have this fetish is not large, which is why many people might find the idea of getting turned on by inflation of a body part weird or creepy. The Internet has many communities of people with this fetish, where you can find like-minded people who truly understand your sexual interests. Another great way to find people with the same fetishes as you are through online fetish dating sites. Here you will find people who are open about their BDSM fetishes so you can finally fulfill your fantasies.

It is really easy to join these sites. All you need to do is create an account by filling a form. After you have submitted the form, you might be required to verify the account via a link sent to your email. After confirming your account, you can go through the profiles of individuals on these sites and find a person who has the same kinks and fetishes as you.