Prison Dating in the UK

Online dating is tough for everyone, but prison dating is even more challenging. This is because the vast majority of dating sites in the UK do not cater to it. It can be hard to find a website that caters well to prisoners searching for affectionate partners.

That is why we have compiled a list of the best prison dating sites to ease your troubles. These sites create a safe space for prisoners to meet new people and forge relationships.


    While is not only related to prison dating but, it has a vast membership base, which increases your chance of forming a connection with someone.

    The site is also known for being responsible for many dates, relationships, and even marriages and is an excellent choice for prison daters looking to forge strong connections with people.


    For dating seekers looking for fun, casual sex, NaughtyDate is a great place to find fellow prisoners to engage in conversations with and maybe start a sexual bond.

    This prison dating website is great for inmates who aren’t seeking something serious and want to relax or find friends.

    The site’s simple design ensures that users can easily navigate it and find what they’re looking for.


    QuickFlirt is there for the ones who are looking to start a relationship, either long-term or casual. It is great for prison dating because of its cost-effectiveness and simple messaging platform.

    The search filters are also well equipped to help you find another prisoner that might catch your attention.

How to Find a Prison Dating Site in the UK

Companionship is something everyone needs, and this goes for prisoners too. Over the years, the popularity of such dating websites in the UK has continued to rise, and now there are many sites online that adhere to prison dating and allow them to choose their own partners.

Prison dating works quite similar to regular online dating. Although, because of the restriction they face, it often takes on more of a pen-pal type of relationship – with them chatting back and forth without meeting in person.

However, prison dating is incredibly important and is a great way for prisoners to connect with people and feel safe. A lot of thought is put into creating such sites to help them find love and solace.

To ensure that you make the most of your prison dating experience, here is a step-by-step guide on how to use these sites;

Account Creation

The first step is to sign-up for an account with a prison dating website. A lot of sites need your bio when you are registering yourself, hence make sure that you enter the right amount of information to lend your partner.

As they say, a picture is worth a zillion words. Therefore, an essential step is to upload an attractive profile picture. A one in your prison uniform may attract the other prisoners towards you.

Ensure you choose a site that caters well to prison dating and has a large membership base of prison daters. This increases your chance of finding someone you may bond well with in future.

Profile Description

To narrow down your options, including a great description of what you are looking for in prison dating partner. Include your likes and dislikes, things similar to it, so people you may not prefer will not bother you or spam your messages…

You can include specific qualities you look for in a prisoner like hair colour, body type, personality traits, hobbies, etc. By adding such details who knows that you may find true love, even!

List what prison you are located in to find people near you. On almost every such site, profile descriptions are a great way to find a perfect prisoner match for you.

Search Options

The search section helps you find other prisoners that fit your specific preferences. Using filters like prison location, age, body type, and so on, prisoners can narrow down their list of matches to people they like.

The location search filter is handy for prison dating, as it helps them decide if they want to look for people in prisons near them in the United Kingdom or those far away hence letting them make their perfect choices.


Easily the most crucial step, it is finally time to make connections with other inmates. All three sites –,, and – have well organized messaging platforms to help prison daters seeing out a relationship or friendship.

The best way to start a conversation with prison dating is by introducing yourself and clearly stating what you are looking for – whether it is a friendship, sex, or something severe and long-term. When communicating with others, remember that your communication is restricted to the internet, so adjust your interests to fit that.

Being communicative and conversational helps you build a strong relation with the person having similar interests like you. In the future, it would be easier to build compatibility and reach mutual decisions, making the bond stronger!

Meeting prison date

A newbie on a prison dating site can make you a little shy, or you may find it hard to start a conversation. This can happen because you are unaware of other prisoners or many dating options may bewilder you. To ease the prison dating aura around you the best to initiate talking is to start by a hearty greeting or talking about their interests.

But there is one more thing, and you will not be on a site or messages forever. There will be a day when you will meet them in person, hence when it is time for an actual one on one prisoner’s date, do not shy away from making affectionate gestures like holding hands or a brief hug but wait for the signals from your partner before you get physical with them.


  • How does prison dating work?

    They work very similarly to regular dating sites. The only difference is that as prison dating sites are inclined towards prisoners, there is little chance of you getting to meet people in person. Most interactions on such sites are limited to online communication.

  • Is prison dating legal in the UK?

    Yes, they are entirely legal and approved in the UK. However, different prisons have various ways of monitoring their prisoners and their access to the internet, making it complicated.

  • Are prison dating sites free?

    Like with all online dating sites, if you’re looking to form any real connections with other prisoners, you have to be willing to spend money. However, all the prison dating sites listed in this article has been carefully studied, and we can assure you that they a 100% worth the money you spend.

  • Are prison dating sites worth joining?

    Yes, of course. Everyone deserves to find love and feel that special connection with someone, even if you’re a prisoner. Just like regular dating sites, prison dating brings people together to spark romance. It also increases your chances of meeting someone also interested in prison dating in the UK.

  • Are prison dating sites scam free?

    The three sites mentioned in this article have been carefully checked to ensure that they are safe and secure and to prevent the risk of you running into bots on these sites. All three sites promise you a scam free prison dating experience.