Best Sites Like Fetlife in 2022

Fetlife is one of the largest, most successful, and most referenced dating sites in the BDSM realm. But it is not a dating or hookup site per se.

Fetlife recognizes itself as "Like Facebook, but run by kinksters like you and me." But it is not the only dating site famous among the fetish & kinky community. There exist some alternatives that take fetishism and kink to a different level. And make themselves worthy of the name— Kinky heaven.

And while Fetlife in itself is enough to find yourself a suitable partner, no matter the level of weirdness you want in the relationship, the alternatives open new possibilities. Moreover, reviewing the other dating sites will also allow you to judge Fetlife and its popularity yourself and decide if it is worthy of being the leader of this realm.

That said, here are the best king and fetish dating sites like Fetlife in 2022:

Are Sites Like Fetlife Legit?

Not: well, at least some. Conventional dating sites may be popular for being dangerous and illegal, but sites like Fetlife are nowhere near that bar. Several sites on the internet promote themselves in the name of kink and fetishism.

Still, turn, leak the personal information they share with others to the pornographic websites — to add further revenues. Moreover, if you make the mistake of stepping on a site without robust security features — you can encounter fake users.

Nonetheless, that is not the case with all the dating sites. Popular media houses back the five alternatives we recommend. And users from all over the world utilize them.

  • is the best alternative to Fetlife, given that you are looking for a dating site that includes private cam, end-to-end encryption messages, community chat rooms, blogs, posts like features. Think of it like the Fetlife 2.0 version — as its interface; maximalist features-set is enough to compete with the likes of Fetlife.


    • Sleek design and simple interface — self-explanatory and not cumbersome like Fetlife
    • Subscription costs are affordable


    • Relatively smaller user base compared to the leading Fetlife

    Pricing: US$ 0.96 per day (1-Month Membership Plan — paid at once)


    Infamous for being the naughtiest and dirtiest — AdultFriendFinder is the perfect dating site for anyone looking for an exact replica of Fetlife. The old-fashioned interface, the multi-optional chat rooms, the in-depth profiles with tons of photos and videos of the individual members — AdultFriendFinder is the perfect dating site for anyone looking to find the kinkiest partner for themselves.


    • An equal number of female and male users on the site
    • Mostly you will find someone in your local area


    • No dedicate mobile app

    Pricing: US$ 28.82 (1-Month Membership Plan — Paid at once)


    FuckBook or Facebook for sex is a first copy of the popular social media site — Facebook. The simplicity, design, even the friend list, and chat rooms — remain true and like Facebook. So, it suits users who have used Facebook and know its functionality well as everything will become utterly easy for you. Nonetheless, even if you have not seen or used Facebook before in your life, you can still use it conveniently.


    • Easy to use and simple interface with a lot of users


    • Hefty subscription prices compared to Fetlife and others mentioned before

    Price: US$ 29.99 (1-Month Membership Plan — paid at once)


    Known for its ultimate weirdness and complete debauchery, is a perfect go-to dating site for anyone looking to find themselves a kinky dating partner ready to submit to all their desires with no question asked whatsoever. The site has a beautiful interface, and every option is neatly arranged on the site, making it easy-to-use to even the least tech-literate. 


    • New dating website in the BDSM realm with a rapid-growing user base
    • The interface of the website is refreshing, not cumbersome like other sites


    • High registration fees

    Price: (US$ 39.96 — 1-Month Membership Plan — paid at once).

Are There Free Sites Like Fetlife?

You will find tons of social networking type dating sites for the members of the BDSM, Kink, and Fetish community promoting themselves in the name of free registrations and being completely free. But it's better to avoid these ad sites (common on PornHub and other porn websites) altogether. Because in the name of free registration — they will invade your private information and leak the conversation (video chats, photos) on the same pornographic website on which you saw their ads. So, it is best to avoid these sites. And only step on websites that truly deliver the quality the users deserve. And keep your data intact, and do not log your details. Nevertheless, though not free, these sites are free alternatives to Fetlife:

  • 2Fuck: Like Fetlife, 2Fuck offers much of the functionality for free. From registration to sharing blog posts, from creating a basic profile to joining community chat rooms — 2Fuck will not ask you for any registration fee. Still, it will show you many ads to compensate for the offered dating services. Nevertheless, it is the closest you will get to a free site like Fetlife. To avail of the full features, you can always click on the subscription button and upgrade to a VIP membership for free.
  • KinkD: When KinkD released itself back in 2017, it promoted itself, saying, "A relaunched Fetlife;" the statement should be enough to discern that it has everything lined up as its counterpart Fetlife. Moreover, it is also similar to the free features it offers: registration, profile creation, basic chat options, joining community chat rooms. However, traits like video chat and other such are accessible only to full members.
  • Reddit and Quora forums: Kinky and BDSM dating community users are committed to seeking a partner or openly discussing their weirdest sexual desires online. For instance, on sites like Reddit and Quora. So there is a good chance that you will find someone of your liking.
  • Alt Dating Club: A well-known and popular site known for keeping most of its features free.
  • com: A carbon copy of sites like KinkD, you can utilize most of the functionalities for free with ads.

What Are Some Online Dating Tips for Dating Sites Like Fetlife?

Here are some tips to remember to help you find someone suitable on dating sites like Fetlife. Moreover, some of these tips will help you know the difference between the good and the bad on these sites (limit exists everywhere):

  • Post good and respectful pictures: To be unique and one-of-a-kind on these kinky websites, you do not have to post nudes or videos of you having sex. Instead of being normal is what gives you the unique status on these sites. Thus, increasing your chances of finding someone — be it for a threesome or regular good old sex with a partner.
  • Post videos: These sites are all about videos. Some take the liberty to view your images, but most users prefer videos. Do not forget that these are nothing but high-quality porn websites, so making a video and posting on to these sites really will help you stand out to others. Through these videos, you can inform other users of your interest, sexual desires, fetishes, fantasies, and more.
  • Why are you on the website: As stated earlier, dating sites like Fetlife leave little to no room for what they can deliver. So it is really important to make yourself clear and inform the users why you are accessing the site on your profile. For instance, are you a couple looking for a threesome or a married single looking for a heated affair? Moreover, also specify your location like London and leave it to be the United Kingdom to confuse users unnecessarily.
  • Security: Firstly, it is important to utilize only genuine, real, and trustworthy websites. Secondly, ensure that the site keeps your information safe or not. As mentioned before, these sites are known to leak your videos, photos to generate additional revenues. Further, coming to personal safety — it is crucial that you follow Safe Dating tips while surfing on dating sites like Fetlife. For instance, if someone is being insistent, creepy, or disrespecting you in any way — be sure to block and report them without thinking of anything else.