In this brand new world, many things appear new for us, but probably it’s just because of the so popular Internet and a wide variety of platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, etc. We always knew that there are people with different fetishes everywhere of all kinds. But today, we’re talking about fat fetish. Don’t confuse it with just love to big, curvy women and men.

Fat fetish goes beyond that and caters to BBW or SSBBW (super-sized big beautiful women). These women must weigh 400lbs or so to be considered as SSBBW. Otherwise, she may be called BBW. So people (mostly men) with fat women fetishes are tied with their sexual desire to be smashed by a huge belly. No jokes.

This kind of kink isn’t only about having sex with a fat girl, but many things we’ll talk about later. So the definition of fat fetish is feed or gaining, where sexual satisfaction is received not from the fat only but from the process of gaining or helping your partner gain body fat as well.

Now I Know Why He Feeds Me so Much

There are some particular signs that your partner drives into fat fetishism:

  • He is always offering you something tasty and caloric
  • He is leaving the last piece of pizza for you
  • He’s always talking about you being so skinny and that you need to eat more
  • If you ask about your weight, he’ll probably say that he will love you in any form

Men with fat women fetish always targeting big curvy girls. They enjoy watching them eating, and if these girls are eating like pigs, it will drive them on even faster. So, if your guy into this, you will learn it by just watching him when you’re eating.

Is it Common Among Men to Have a Fat Fetish?

During the last decades, the only thing that was very common is probably fat people discrimination and bullying. Through all their life, fat people were shamed for their look. Gladly, it was changed in nowadays. Some people can yell that such kind of kink is disgusting, but we’re realists, right? It should have appeared someday, the fat kink.

So, if to get back to the question – yes, these days the fat fetish is much common among men, mostly in the USA. Reasons of why so many men are into BBW or SSBBW can vary, some of them are fat as well, or someone’s mother was fat (and we all know that men are usually picking girls that are resembling their mother). It doesn’t really matter. All people should have a chance to be happy, fat, crazy, whatever. What’s matters it is us being humans.

I Don’t See You Under My Belly, and I Love It

Even having a fat fetish, some people may struggle with how to proceed if they are up to have sex with a fat person or both fats. And here are some handy info to breathe insurance in your mind.

Touch Her Everywhere

Learn her reactions by touching. It is easier to focus on her vast breasts or this flapping, waggling butt. But keep in your mind that the whole her body is an erogenous zone. Watch her body language. Don’t rush things with, “You’re so fat, I want you whole.”

Check if She’s Feel Comfortable

You might be amazed at how fat people can be flexible. Your bed should be really big, and it is useful to add more pillows, wedge heel shoes, and different poses. Some levels of corpulence stand in need of slower movement and mindful actions to keep the balance.

Is there Any Trick I Can Repeat?

It can be tricky for fat people to strike some sexual positions. It should depend on your body shape, weight, and plasticity. By performing some sexual moves you saw in porn or journals, you could face handicap moving your, or your partner’s body in the right way. But in which way you should learn if this is the case? Hell, by striking them all, that’s how!

Relax and force your body to listen to your desires, even if you’re fat and lazy. If normal weigh people can do that, you can do it as well. So don’t blame yourself if you have failed that sandwich position. You can always use the pillows.

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