If you’re wondering what it’s like to have a shrinking fetish, imagine yourself in the other person’s shoes. What could your partner do that feels amazing? Your sexual partner will reduce your sense of size, which is a form of humiliation. Get the facts on shrink fetishes that come in handy before joining a fetish dating site or conversing with other people on this topic.

With a shrinking obsession, you’re keenly aware of the size. Like a bug that gets crushed, you love feeling small. There are different ways a sexual partner can help you achieve this feeling. Common examples of helping you achieve your fetish, which means you get turned on in some way, Or having someone crush you under their feet, crush you between your breasts or press down against your testicles, or put their buttocks over your face or sexual organ feels good. By your partner applying pressure to you, you fantasize that you are smaller, thereby achieving a shrinking effect. Remember, using a partner to achieve the sensation of getting smaller falls outside the norm of sexual positions. It’s fun to have a fetish!

How to Maximize the Need to Feel Small

Pursuing this fetish with a mate requires extensive role-playing skills. In your fantasy, your size becomes less compared to your partner. In reality, your partner must not be physically bigger for a shrinking fetish to be satisfied.

Many possible scenarios can make a partner feel larger. For example, your partner could dress up as a superhero like Superman or Wonder Woman, and you can role-play to the point he or she wields immense power over you. This type of role-playing seems exaggerated at first, but costume play makes any fetish come to life. Consider that your words and actions and how you respond to a partner will make you feel smaller. Get under the bed or have your partner stand over you on the bed. This changes your dynamic relative to each other during playtime. Feeling smaller helps you connect with your unusual fetish and feel alive throughout intimate playtime.

It’s All About Communication

Besides the costumes and roles put on your love interest, it’s important to keep the connection. Communication works great for these purposes, so if you want to explore any fetish seriously, learn to suspend disbelief and use your imagination to make the role play feel more real. Your partner must also use his or her mind in a similar fashion. If you are not practicing good communication and brainstorming together how to achieve this shrinking fantasy to your liking, then it will feel forced.

Maintaining good communication during role-plays becomes more difficult when you’re trying to message strangers on a fetish dating site. While you can feel a connection with a stranger by discussing your wants and needs in the bedroom online, meeting in person and getting to know each other takes time. Usually, through repeated exposure to a partner, you learn more about their personality and erotic preferences, it becomes easier to meet their needs. When you explore a fetish with a stranger, expect a level of awkwardness and other social anxiety forms that characterize two partners navigating new territory. Getting into bed with a stranger offers its own excitement, but it does not lend itself to the high level of communication typical of a successful long-term relationship.

If you’re lucky, you can interact with someone who wants to explore your fetish due to curiosity or a desire to please you. This game might occur once in a while, and the rest of your sex life together might feel more vanilla. However, finding a man or a woman who cares enough about your needs to try the fetish on for size, no pun intended, feels like you’re getting supported emotionally and sexually. Anyone who cares enough to help you achieve a fantasy that does not personally interest them is a keeper. Always seek to understand a sexual partner’s intentions for role playing before attempting a fetish encounter. Being vulnerable requires mutual trust and respect.

So, first of all, learn to trust your mate and let the flow make you two feel comfortable with each other. Going deeper into your mutual kink is great, but don’t forget to keep it all safe. You both may lose confidence forever if being harmed during your spicy games.

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