Best Blonde Dating Sites

There are many women with light hair who are single and searching for a partner for dating. But how and where do you find them? There are many online dating sites and apps you can use to connect with adult singles looking for a connection. If you have a fetish for blondes or always have a thing for them, you can join any of these sites and connect with them.

This review of dating sites for blondes brings you some of the best platforms where you can meet these unique adult singles. We tell you about the membership, the free features that are available on the websites, and how much it will cost you to access premium features. At the end of the review, we give you a few tips for dating blondes.

How to Choose the Best Blonde Dating Site

There are many online dating sites that have adult blondes as some of their members. But some of these sites are full of scammers, rip off their members, or do not give you value for your money. It’s therefore important to check reviews online and see what people say about the websites. Focus on the dating site’s safety and security because you want a platform where you can confidently interact with other singles.

You should also look for apps or sites with a large membership of blondes. Niche-specific sites that specifically cater to blondes are a good place to start. You don’t have to be light-haired to join these platforms. Although they target golden-haired singles, any adult single interested in dating blondes can join the platforms. There are other websites that target all types of singles and, therefore, have many light-haired people. It is because of the large user base on the platforms.

Check out the features that are available on the apps or websites before signing up. Also, check what’s offered for free and the features you have to pay to access them. For example, some websites only allow premium members to send and receive messages and chats.


    Members: QuickFlirt has over one million members worldwide and over 400,000 members from the United States. There are definitely many light-haired singles on the platform. The majority of the users are 25 years and above, and 70 percent of these members are male. Members use the platform to get partners for all types of relationships, both casual and serious long-term dating.

    Free Features: You get access to a couple of free features on this site. Freebies include adding people to ‘Favorites,’ using advanced search, viewing member profiles, and sending winks to some members. It is also free to sign up and create a profile.

    Price Plans: The pricing plans at QuickFlirt are as follows:

    • One day at 0.99 USD
    • One week at 7.00 USD
    • One month at 28.80 USD
    • Three months at 48.60 USD

    Members: TenderMeets is both a dating and social networking site with over 1.6 million users in the United States. Most people on the website are seeking partners for marriage or long-term relationships. Most of the users are men who are between their mid-20s and early 40s.

    Free Features: Free members at TenderMeets can browse, upload photos, upload videos, and use the Like Gallery. It is also free to search members and use the safe mode feature.

    Price Plans: Unlimited messaging, extended search, and sharing videos and photos are some of the Premium features on this site. To access these features, you can upgrade through any of the following plans:

    • One month at 34.99 USD
    • Three months at 59.97 USD
    • Six months at 95.94 USD


    Members: As the name suggests, this app has a significant number of blondes. However, the app is only available on App Store, limiting the number of blondes on Android.

    Free Features: There was no information on free features available on this app.

    Price Plans: We couldn’t get information on the pricing plans.


    Members: There is a large number of redheads on this dating site. It is the perfect platform for adult blonde singles interested in ginger singles to meet and connect. The website is used for all types of relationships.

    Free Features: Signing up at is free. It is also free to receive matches and browse profiles.

    Price Plans: You can access Premium services for 12.50 British Pounds per month for a year’s membership.


    Members: Although designed for redheads, blondes can join this site for ginger dating – what a combination. The high number of redheads means that it will be easy for golden-haired singles interested in redheads to meet their perfect match.

    Free Features: It is free to sign up and have an account at

    Price Plans: There are several useful features that are only accessible through a Premium account. You can upgrade your account through any of the following four plans:

    • One month at 29.95 British Pounds
    • Three months at 59.97 British Pounds
    • Six months at 90 British Pounds
    • One year at 150 British Pounds

Who Joins Blonde Dating Sites?

Anyone who is over 18 years can join any of these blonde dating sites. These platforms’ purpose is to connect the fair-haired singles and the people who like them, and non-blondes can therefore also join. If you want to try dating these singles with light-colored hair, you can join any of these websites and start connecting with them.

Whether you’re looking for a serious long-term relationship or a hookup, you can join these blonde dating sites. It is because the blondes on these sites and apps are also seeking partners for different types of relationships. You can meet someone for a hookup and connect with a special one for a serious long-term relationship that can lead to marriage. You can also join these sites just to be friends with the hot blonde singles.

Dating Tips for Blonde Singles

Blondes are very attractive. Dating them, therefore, comes with some expectations because of the attention they receive. As a guy, you should know that blonde is a high maintenance color and, therefore, prepared for the costs. These fair-haired people also tend to have more fun and catch most people’s attention in a crowd.

There are several shades of blondes. If you’re dating one of them, you may notice the difference with other golden-haired people out there. The most desired type is platinum blonde. This type is also the most difficult to maintain.

There is a popular belief that most men prefer blonde women or rather find these golden-haired ladies attractive. However, it turns out that it’s just a stereotype. Whatever the case, having a fair-haired partner means that you have a great catch. These golden-haired people also tend to have and enjoy more sex compared to other people. They also think about sex just as often.

Overall, golden-haired women are fun, interesting, and playful, and these are some of the traits that make them attractive to most men. Besides, blondes are more feminine or girly. Although their hair turns grey compared to redheads who do not, it isn’t easy to notice because their original hair is pale.