Best Transsexual Dating Sites

Although there are hundreds and thousands of dating sites, there is still a relative lack of good transsexual dating sites for trans people to rely on. Regular Dating sites do not take into account the needs and wants of trans people. This is further escalated by transsexuals being treated as sex objects and mere fetishes on these websites.

To overcome this growing discrimination against transsexuals in a world dominated by cis people, we have compiled five exclusive services for meeting trans people below. These platforms are meticulously chosen based on several factors, including ease of access, number of active users, and user ratings, to provide a solid platform for trans people to hook up without fearing any sort of discrimination.

How to Choose the Best Transsexual Dating Site?

Finding the best online service for your needs isn't an easy task. Although there are quite a few options, most services are infested with fake reviews. Even worse, many other platforms are filled with scammers and harassers. This is a problem as transsexuals are not left with many options.

Fortunately, we have a way to guide you through this maze of scams and discrimination. We have chosen 5 of the best transsexual sites based on several factors.

Metrics that affect the quality of a transsexual dating platform include:

  • User environment of the website.
  • Whether or not the website features a plan without payment.
  • What does the free plan have to offer.

These particular points will help you to define if the service you're entering is completely safe and convenient for achieving your personal goals. So, here's our list of the five best transsexual dating sites chosen to help you in the journey of finding love..

  • is one of the top-rated platforms. With around 550,000 members from the United States, this service is definitely one with a huge user base. Over 137,000 members are active every week and are looking for transsexual people to hook up with for one night. The platform offers both free and premium versions. Unfortunately, a mobile version is not available right at the moment.

    Free Features:

    • Basic search functions.
    • Upload photos and videos.
    • A limited number of winks.
    • Use the Like Gallery feature.

    Paid Features:

    • Unlimited messages and chatting.
    • Full search functions.
    • Access to member profiles.
    • Sharing and viewing in full HD.

    Paid Plans:

    • 1 Month – £39.00/month
    • 3 Months – £21.90/month
    • 6 Months – £17.70/month


    • Signing Up: 2.5/5
    • Making Contact: 3.0/5
    • Profile Quality: 3.5/5
    • Real Life Review: 3.0/5
  • is also one of the biggest trans-dedicated sites on the internet in 2022. This platform boasts around 110,000 members from the USA and over 700,000 users worldwide. Almost 11,000 daily logins make this website one of the most engaging places for both cis and trans people alike! It offers both a free plan and a premium version if you want to unlock more features.

    Free Features:

    • Basic profile creation.
    • Profile indexing in search results.
    • Limited browsing.

    Paid Feature:

    • Send & receive messages.
    • Appear in Featured profiles.
    • Share and receive unlimited photos.

    Paid Plans:

    • 1 Month – £29.90/month
    • 3 Months – £22.90/month
    • 6 Months – £16.90/month
    • 12 Months – £10.90/month


    • Signing Up: 4.0/5
    • Ease of Making Contact: 3.5/5
    • Profile Quality: 2.0/5

    Transsingle is another transgender-specific website with over 20,000 members from the USA. Most of the members on this platform are transgender women in a pre-operative stage. The website pairs you up with trans people, cis men, and cis women. The website also features both free and premium plans.

    Free Features:

    • Basic profile creation.
    • Only one message per person.
    • Adding people as friends on the website.
    • Comments on photos.

    Paid Feature:

    • Send & receive unlimited messages.
    • Create & View groups.
    • Post to the shoutbox.
    • Add videos and comment on other's videos.
    • Add blog posts.

    Paid Plans:

    • 1 Month – £9.99/month


    • Signing Up: 4.0/5
    • Ease of Making Contact: 3.5/5
    • Quality: 3.0/5
    • Dating App: 3.0/5


    The mobile app is a game changer for transgender people and definitely worthy of being our pick for best services for trans people to meet and get acquainted on. The butterfly dating app is innovative mainly because of its motive: to create a secure, transgender central dating environment.

    Currently, 34% of the Butterfly app's user base is the trans people population. The Butterfly app also takes strong security measures to make sure that the transsexual people using this app, along with other users, are protected from abuse. This is why the app doesn't even require you to connect it to any social media, thus protecting identity. The app is free to use and has amazing features.

    Free Features:

    • The basic profile creation.
    • Advanced search options.
    • Advanced matching options.
    • Initiating a "flutter".
    • Strong security to prevent identity theft.
    • Strong measures against discriminatio.


    • Signing Up: 4.0/5
    • Ease of Making Contact: 4.5/5
    • Quality: 5.0/5
    • Dating App: 5.0/5
  • is one of the most populated services for trans people in the world. The website has a clean and ad-free interface which improves user experience. This platform has almost 120,000 active members. Like Butterfly dating app, this website also takes security very seriously and tries to protect its transsexual users against any sort of discrimination.

    Free Features:

    • Basic profile creation.
    • No chatting experience.
    • Browsing profiles and pictures.

    Paid Feature:

    • Send & receive unlimited messages.
    • Profile added to featured profiles.

    Paid Plans:

    • 1 Month – £29.90/month
    • 3 Months – £68.70 total.
    • 6 Months – £101.40 total.
    • 1 Year – £130.80 total


    • Signing Up: 3.0/5
    • Ease of Making Contact: 2.5/5
    • Quality: 2.0/5

Who Joins Transsexual Dating Sites?

As mentioned above, transsexual people don't have a lot of options despite there being so many dating services on the internet. This is mainly because trans persons are often seen as being far away from "normal". They are not as widely accepted as you would hope, and this lack of acceptance leads to harassment against trans people in many forms.

This is why transsexuals have started migrating to platforms with the trans majority rather than being cis-dominated. This kind of site is ideal for not just transsexual identities but also queers, shemale individuals, as well as all the LGBTQ advocates. Transsexual dating platforms are filled with these people and are expected to provide them with a safe and secure dating environment.

Dating Tips for Transsexual Dating

Now that you have gone over the 5 best trans-oriented services in 2022 and you understand the key demographics of these dating sites, you need to understand these few dating tips before you get up with the transsexual match finding.

You might already be aware of this, but a gentle reminder never hurts anyone. Online dating can be treacherous, even more so for transsexual people since they are often easy targets for harassment. Keeping yourself well protected is key when using online dating platforms for trans persons.

As a transsexual, you should always be upfront and blunt about your identity when dating cis people from these dating sites. Many cis people don't understand or don't want to understand, and this leads to the transsexual population being somewhat secretive about their identities. However, the best way to deal with ignorance is to self-educate.

These are some of the tips for meeting transsexual people that you might need to keep in mind before you delve into the world of trans mating. As mentioned before, our 5 best transsexual dating sites are handpicked by our staff on several important parameters. One of the most important features while evaluating these websites is safety. Therefore, you shouldn't have any problems trying to get into the matchmaking scene with these websites.


There are all reasons for us to hope that you will easily find the best websites to meet trans people. We've reviewed all the platforms presented here based on the most important features and elements that are essential for your dating experience. Anyway, if you are still sure about gaining your special experience, don't be afraid of trying any of the websites listed and find your match!