Crossdresser Dating in the UK

In contemporary society, cross-dressing is still not well accepted. Most people think it is unusual and weird, making it hard for crossdressers to find someone to date. To help you out with crossdresser dating, we have selected the most authoritative cross-dressing sites where you can meet like-minded people online.

  • Crossdresser Dating in the UK is Easy on is definitely the best place for dating by interests. It is perfect for crossdressers because there is a special category dedicated to this kind of lifestyle in which you can meet thousands of open-minded members from all parts of the UK. In this way, users will save time from talking to people who are not interested in crossdresser dating.

  • Start Dating a Crossdresser from is also the most popular cross-dressing sites in the UK. On this platform, you may find a separate section for cross-dressing dating. That is why it is very suitable for members looking for this type of relationship.

  • Discover Cross-Dressing on is a cool platform for crossdresser dating in the UK that perfectly suits the needs of crossdressers. The site is famous for its fun chat rooms and sweet emojis, which help users relax and discuss intimate things.

How to Find Crossdresser Dating

1. Explore crossdresser dating sites

We all know it is hard to find crossdresser dating because of people’s skeptical attitude towards people who have chosen this lifestyle. Crossdresser websites are probably the only place where you can talk openly about it and meet members with the same interests. Cross-dressing people are attracted to some spectrums- straight men, women, gays, bisexuals, so your sexual orientation doesn’t matter.

But our advice is not to trust random platforms you have found as they are full of fake profiles, and you are only going to waste your time. The cross-dressing sites we presented above are thoroughly legit and accredited, so you will make no mistake by trusting them. The registration is easy and free, and even people who haven’t tried cross-dressing before can sign up and look for new adventures.

On such transvestite sites, you can find both users looking for casual dates and others who hope for long-term relationships. If you have been a crossdresser for a long time but somehow ended up misunderstood, dating sites are a fresh way to start over and get acquainted with a bunch of like-minded individuals. Take a minute to register, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to chat with hot local crossdressers.

2. Create a good-looking profile

If you want to meet succeed with this whole crossdresser dating thing, you should take good care of your profile. Creating a great profile is vital when it comes to online dating. It is the way you represent yourself to other members, so there is no room for mistakes.

First of all, don’t choose a blurry profile picture because no one will pay attention to it. Find a recent photo on which your best features are visible. In this way, you will certainly get more profile hits and personal messages. If you want to attract the attention of other crossdressers, you have to upload pictures of the coolest outfits that you have. They would love to see you wearing modern items and diverse accessories. Make sure you express your style in the best way possible.

You can include additional information like eye color, hair color, height, weight, and admit whether you have any tattoos or piercings on the websites we mentioned. But let’s not forget, except for these features, you need to describe your personality as well. Cross-dressing is usually associated with guys willing to show their feminine side. If you are a sensitive guy interested in finding cross-dressing friends, you have to the point that out in your profile. Don’t be afraid to admit you are attracted to femininity.

3. Take advantage of advanced filters

When you are done completing your profile, it is time to discover the search. On crossdresser sites, you can easily browse members in your location and even choose what they look like. Click on “Search” in the upper left corner, and you will have three different options- to search among all members, those who are online now, or the newest members. Then, you simply choose the usual – gender, age interval, and location.

And here we come to the desirable advanced filters. You may browse users by orientation, ethnicity, body type, hair color. Crossdressers are people who are interested in an appearance, so you can find pretty good looking ones. Finally, only browse users with photos because they might have given a detailed description, but you can’t be 100 % sure it is true. If you are done with all fields, click on “Apply Filters” and start digging through the results.

4. General chatting tips

If you are about to talk to someone for the first time, whether online or offline, it does not matter, and you need to embrace small talk. You cannot start asking them intimate questions from the very first line. Small talk will eventually lead to a deeper conversation if the person is a good match for you. Be nice and ask questions because this is what is going to make you closer. But don’t ask too many unnecessary questions, or the other person might think you are annoying.

Another effective strategy to start a conversation is to lead with a compliment. No matter if the person is a crossdresser, straight, gay, etc., it will always make them feel good about themselves. In this way, the conversation will begin with a positive note and will be likely to continue. In case there is an awkward silence, put your sense of humor into action and try to break the ice. Just be yourself, and sooner or later, you will start dating a crossdresser.


  • What do most women think about crossdresser dating?

    Some might not accept it, and others may enjoy it. If you are a crossdresser, you should not be embarrassed. It is a personal choice, and everyone should respect it.

  • Is it weird to be interested in cross-dressing?

    No. There are much worse things than dressing up differently, so don’t get discouraged and keep having fun this way. Don’t listen to conservative people who try to blame you all the time.

  • How to use a dating site if I am specifically looking for a crossdresser?

    On most dating sites, there are special categories for crossdresser dating. You should enter one of them and start chatting with the members you find there.

  • Is it gay if I start dating a cross-dressing man?

    It is not important to put labels, and the point is to have fun. If you are interested in this type of relationship, just do it.

  • Can anyone see what I have uploaded on my profile?

    Members and unregistered users can see only what you want them to see. If you want to keep it discreet, don’t add any public photos that you think might embarrass you. You can send users pictures in the private chat on transvestite sites without any worries, and no one can see them.