Someone famous who understood the mysteries of sexual attraction once said we all have a fetish, it’s just that we don’t all get to find out what it is. Having a fetish about feet, panties, feathers, leather, or lace is a relatively normal activity if the research is to be believed. However, if you asked around for an appropriate adjective to go with the word fetish, most people wouldn’t think twice before coming up with ‘weird’, and that brings the question, “What are some weird fetishes?”

People have probably enjoyed, or endured, life with a fetish since time began, but yes, there are more than a few that are not so common and those that are just plain weird. Do you get off on odd thoughts? Check out this list of weird fetishes; your fetish could be here.

  • Vorarephilia: This fetish is characterized by the tendency to feel sexually aroused by the idea of eating someone. Vorarephilia is rare and considered an abnormal condition. The person may also become aroused when watching a cannibalistic scene in a movie. People suffering from this condition or who live with this weird fetish are often referred to as vores.
  • Hybristophilia: People with this fetish reach orgasm when their partner is known to be engaged in some heinous act. The act could be related to lying, infidelity, or a criminal offense, such as murder, robbery, or rape.
  • Diaper Bondage: The name says it all! It is a form of BDSM that involves role-play, with the submissive partner adopting an infant’s role still in a diaper. As an adult baby, the sub is helpless and requires constant care and nurturing from the dom partner. This is giving away ultimate control for the sub, but practitioners say they find the release mentally refreshing. The condition is often referred to as psychosexual infantilism, paraphilic infantilism, or adult baby syndrome.
  • Sleeping Sex: While it may not be strictly thought a fetish, sexsomnia still qualifies for a list of not so common fetishes. It’s when a person actively seeks sex and sexual fulfillment while remaining in a deep sleep. It’s categorized primarily as a sleeping disorder, and although it affects both sexes, it tends to be more men than women.
  • Teratophilia: This is being attracted to someone for their visible deformity and includes a sub-category to attract monsters. Other sub-categories depend on the location or type of deformity. For instance, those attracted to amputees have acrotomophilia, whereas stigmatophilia involves finding pleasure by engaging in an activity with someone who is scarred or marked in some way.
  • Scatophilia: It is a fetish with a fixation on defecation and contact with feces. Scatophilia is also called scat sex and coprophilia. The act of pooping sexually arouses people with the fetish, sometimes by themselves, on a willing partner, although many also enjoy sexual pleasure when they’re being pooped on. People with this fetish gain pleasure from being tactile with poop, so smearing is often a feature.
  • Cum Fetish: Is a relatively common fetish compared to some on this list. To have a true cum fetish means you can only get sexual gratification by ejaculating outside your partner, even on. Some unfortunate sufferers are aroused simply by viewing images of someone who has been ejaculated on.
  • Sensation Play: Although part of BDSM, it is a weird sex fetish because, at first, it’s hand off and non-physical. While most erotic play forms involve the cerebral, with sensation play, this is not the case. The focus is on applying physical stimuli in a very controlled manner. The stimuli can be candle wax, silk scarves, feathers, massage oils, and anything else you consider sensuous. The gentle stimuli trigger the release of mood-lifting endorphins resulting in immense pleasure during the sex act.

There are many other weird sexual fetishes. Too many to list, but here’s a few that are really unusual:

  • Tripsolagnia: People who become aroused by having their hair shampooed.
  • Axillism: It involves engaging in a sexual act with someone and focusing only on their armpits. It’s probably the pheromones.
  • Chelonaphilia: This fetish is about feeling aroused by watching those plain, ordinary turtles.
  • Claustrophilia: The thought of being in a closed place is enough to send shivers down the spine of many, but there are a few who feel sexually aroused when they’re in tight places.

The list goes on and will continue to grow as people come up with inventive ways to reach sexual gratification. If one of them is you, then online dating sites are the perfect places to find girls with weird fetishes or just a place to hang out and chat with others as open-minded as you.