Best Submissive Women Dating Sites

The journey of the submissive and dominant can be a bit challenging and is usually nothing less than an emotional and physical rollercoaster. Submissive women are delicate kittens who need to be loved, but they have to ensure they pick the right partner to play the love game. While submissive women need to be ready to deal with the relationship highs and lows, they can save themselves from a lot of hassle by choosing wisely. That is when submissive women dating sites can help both men and women to connect with the right partner. These sites let you interact with your potential partner to determine if they are ready to play the role to enjoy the relationship that a Dom and Sub have. To avoid making any mistake, simply join and pick the best sites only.

How to Choose the Best Submissive Women Dating Site

The relationship between the Dom and Sub works because they both understand the role they have to play. The Dom is the leader, and the Sub plays the brat, servant, or pleaser role. Therefore, the best submissive women dating site is where you can interact freely with your potential partner. Maintaining an open communication line is of immense importance, so pick a site with an instant messaging option with vibrant chat rooms. Of course, it also matters how diverse and extensive the database is. You will be searching hard, interacting with every other “possible” match, so it is important to know you do not run out of “options” while looking for the best mate. Similarly, you need to be on a secure site because you will be sharing your deepest desires with others, so anonymously doing it will make you feel better. But, if it seems like a lot of work, you may go straight to and choose to use our comprehensive reviews.


    With a lot of members to interact with – and over 550,000 from the UK alone – you will soon fall in love with this submissive women dating site. Most of the members are young, but male members are more active on this site. With your free account, you can sign up, upload new photos/videos, and use basic search functionalities. Only a limited number of winks are available with free accounts. Premium accounts cost 32.10 GBP/Month for 1 month, 23.40 GBP/Month for 3 months, and 14.40 GBP/Month for 6 months.

  • works just fine to meet submissive women for dating. Flirty seniors are everywhere on this site. Over 40,000 members are from the UK alone, and the platform witnesses more than 30,000 active weekly users. Senior men into BDSM may find it useful to meet submissive women in their local areas, but free accounts are limited with no search or messaging facilities. You can unlock everything by trying a premium account for 1 month, which costs 32.10 GBP/Month. A 3-month plan is available for 23.40 GBP/Month, whereas a 6-month plan would only cost 14.40 GBP/Month.



    With about 200,000 users from the UK alone, you are likely to meet English submissive women in your local area. The activity rate is quite high, as it witnesses more than 90,000 active users every week. It is mainly geared towards younger folks looking for naughty sexual encounters. BDSM lovers would find filters to shortlist their matches. The female membership is quite impressive, and they are the most active on this platform. With a free account, you can send “winks,” “find and add people to your favorite list,” “check new members list,” and send “FlirtCast” as well. Messaging is a premium feature for men, but female members can use it free of cost. Men can explore those features with a 1-day trial, which costs 0.99 GBP/Day. You can buy monthly memberships for 32.10 GBP/Month, whereas a 3-month plan is also available for 23.40 GBP/Month.


    Easy swiping is what makes Tinder a great platform for casual dating. You can connect to other apps like Snapchat, Spotify, etc., with ease. With millions of members worldwide, and about 4 million users from the UK alone, expect your search for submissive women for dating to fetch you impressive matches. TinderApp is available for free. You can use your basic membership to register, upload profiles, use left swipe, identify submissive women near your location, and send one super like daily. For real-time messaging, be prepared to go premium, for which you need to spend 4.99 GBP for 1-month, 15.00 GBP for 6 months, and 23.04 GBP for 12 months.



    Enjoy high user activity with more than 70 million users joining from all over the world. Most of these users are from European countries, like France, Germany, and Italy, but you can find enough members from the UK to meet submissive women for dating and BDSM action. The most common age range is 18-35 years, but older men and women also use the site. Your free account allows you to create an account and enjoy LOVOO Live video stream. You can host live videos, send hearts/likes, and use basic search functions. You would at least need a monthly account for additional features, which costs 8.99 GBP/Month. You can also opt for a 3-month plan, 6-month plan, and 12-month plan for 6.33 GBP/Month, 4.50 GBP/Month, and 4.99 GBP/Month, respectively.

Who Joins Submissive Women Dating Sites

Anyone over 18 is free to be part of online dating sites, but some may require you to be over 21 to use their database for BDSM dating. Submissive women looking for dating fun may join these sites, but new participants can also try it to get an idea. You do not have to be submissive all the time to consider yourself fit for using submissive women dating sites. You just take on a specific sexual role to enjoy your relationship with a high-value, strong, masculine guy. Dominant guys searching for partners may also join these sites and have fun meeting both young and mature submissive women for sexual encounters.

Dating Tips for Submissive Women

Dominant men looking for submissive women should clarify from the start and mention it clearly in their profile. Share your true intentions, so no one has issues later on. On the other hand, submissive women need not fool themselves by the flashy title and think they have to play dumb all the time. Take your time, communicate properly, and then pick your dominant male partner. Most men know how to take care of their submissive partner, but being on the same page is important. While you should let your Dom in and let him take the lead, you must know what works for you best. Sometimes, the act can be freeing but very draining at the same time. Discuss everything with your partner and not shy away from removing yourself from the situation if it gets too uncomfortable.