Ever wonder why women have always sought to wear high shoes? Is it a matter of seeming taller or more to do with the walk? If you pay attention to a woman’s legs, especially when she is nude and in heels alone, you might understand where the heels fetish came from. This preoccupation with high shoes predominantly worn by women is a proclivity of many men.

When a man sees a woman in high heels, he might get exceedingly more turned than if she were in sandals. This obsession might transition to him buying several female shoes as stock. These may never be handed out to a female, and the man might get irritated if asked to hand them over. It is a sexual attraction to female shoes, whether a female has them on while walking, in bed, eating, or indeed in church. Fetish dating almost always incorporates one or more facets of shoe fetishes. It should come as no surprise that some men get instantly turned on with high-heeled women. This heels fetish can revolve around touching these heels, at which point you become instantly aroused.

  • Additionally, a man might get turned on simply looking at high heels at a store.
  • While in bed, men might get exceedingly aroused playing with heels while participating in sexual activities.
  • For others, the sound of heels, be it click-clacking on the floor or loudly annoying at the office, can be instant arousals.
  • Also, there are specific sub-categories of heel fetishism. For instance, you might be attracted to six-inch stilettos, while other men find it a turn on watching ladies in pumps, wedges, or smaller heel designs.

Causes of Heels Fetish A man might develop this form of fetish for several reasons. You might have had a teacher you had a crush on who wore high-heeled shoes. She might not have talked to you much nor ever showed excess love toward you than others. She simply wore shoes that turned you on and never left your brain. Other men develop a heels fetish due to watching porn movies revolving around women with high heels. It is no secret that hot and attractive women rock heels everywhere, including workplaces and even worship houses. Another interesting explanation for a heels fetish is its coming-to-be out of hatred for feet. Whatever the explanation, at some point, someone might purchase them to admire them – not to wear them and even subscribe to fetish dating sites for more.

Shoes Fetishism – Pick Your Shoes

This fetish revolves around all types of shoes, and individuals with this fetish get instantly aroused when certain shoes are available. It could be a certain shoe worn to bed or a pair of sneakers worn by a cheerleader. Either way, a shoe fetish is vastly different from a foot fetish. It centers on shoes, whatever type, size, or feel they may have to them, and differs from man to man. Usually, shoe fetishes revolve around higher-heeled shoes, be they pumps, stilettos, wedges, or boots. Thigh-high boots can be an extreme turn-on for some men. These become a must-have in the bedroom and all matters BDSM.

Prevalence – Hit or Not

Since time immemorial, shoes are known to be a turn-on for all men, be it in the form of boots, high heels, or platforms. Older men tend to prefer women with high heels based on their association with strippers, hot feisty divas, and a nostalgic reminder of the good old days. Thus, it is prevalent among older gentlemen, perhaps with money, who would love to have a pretty young thing on their arm donning high heels.

In days past, country folks would post pictures of sexy women wearing boots. It led to many men loving boots for nothing else but their association with sex country music singers. Shoe fetishes are as common as the next thing and much more common than poop fetish. Here, you can find middle-aged men buying their wives high heels or watching porn linked to high heels or boots only. The more extreme cases of shoe fetishists wear heels for sexual gratification. It centers on crossdressing and might include putting on dresses and full female attire. Fetish wear revolves around high heels that can rarely be worn in everyday circumstances because of their height, colorfulness, or design. Fetish dating thus provides an opportunity, online or off, for like-minded people to wear them, admire them or purchase them for personal satisfaction. Try fetish dating today – BDSM sites are a free registration away.