Pagan Dating in the UK

Even in our ever-growing technological world, it can be hard to find dating sites that are specific to pagan dating. Pagan dating has always been popular in England, but recently, more have developed an interest in pagan relationships.

However, they are hard to come by, and many people have begun looking to the internet to find other pagans to start a relationship. We have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of everything you need to know about, in GB, including some top pagan dating sites you should check out.

Who are Pagans and what are their beliefs?

It is believed that there is a profound spiritual meaning of birth, growth and death, and the nature is sacred. Pagans impose their beliefs on one another, they practice freely, to each their own. You will find some Pagans practicing in Church while others seek solace in private. The love for nature is to such an extent that Pagans consider it God.


    If you are looking for a fun, interactive site to strike up interesting conversations with other pagans, then NaughtyDate is the perfect site for you.

    The site has very well equipped search tags and a pagan dating page to help you find the perfect match. It is simple and the easy design makes it simple to send messages back and forth between users. This site is top quality for pagan dating in the UK.


    QuickFlirt is another great site for pagans seeking out relationships.

    Just like NaughtyDate, QuickFlirt also has a dating page to assist you in finding other pagans. They also have chat rooms to make the dating process easier for you.


    By far the least of the three pagan dating sites, is known for its low-quality profiles and small membership base.

    The site is full of fake profiles, so you have a very low chance of actually meeting someone you like there.

How to Find a Pagan Dating Site

Paganism covers a large number of religious beliefs. There are people who practice and believe in any of the religions in the world.

Pagan relationships refer to two pagans who share the same beliefs and ideas. These function like the normal ones, with their shared interests in paganism keeping them together.

However, it is only practiced by a selected number of people and can be hard to come across in day to day life. That is why pagan dating sites exist as a safe place for pagans to find affectionate dates – either sexual or romantic. Many such people searching visit these sites to find fellow pagans.

While pagan dating websites are relatively straightforward, you still need to know much about them , how do they operate in the UK. To help you out, here is a step-by-step breakdown of how pagan dating in the UK works;

Profile Description

Your profile is what you use to attract other pagans to you. So ensure you speak a lot about paganism, what it means, and why is it important to you. Also, describe the type of person you are looking to find on the site, using body type, interests, sexuality, etc. this way, you will only get messages from pagans you’re interested in.

Profiles are a great way to get to know other members and find other pagans on the site. This is because people often write personal information and interests that they want to share on their profile. You can write out what beliefs you follow to find people with same ones.

You can also talk about your devotion to your pagan religion or preference for pagans in your profile description to attract the relevant people.

Search Section

The search section helps you find dates on the site using a variety of filters. These include your age, religion, sexuality, etc. you can also search using keywords like a pagan, to filter results better.

You could also search up keywords like “pagan” to be more specific with your search results. Some pagan dating sites also include dating pages to make it easier for you to find fellow singles that may interest you.


When chatting with girls, you could throw in some facts about paganism and why it’s so important to you. This will help spark her interest in you considerably. Also include talking about a thematic date if you ever plan on meeting, as she might like such unusual topics.

With pagan dating, it is important to let the other person know what kind of relationship you’re looking for – whether it’s something casual, a friendship, or a long term bond. The chat rooms on these sites are also a great place to find other pagans and generally discuss, before heading in private chat.


  • Are pagan dating sites in the UK legit?

    Yes, pagan dating sites in the UK are fully safe and legitimate to use. Clubs and certain meeting places are also a safe for pagans to gather and get to know each other.

    On the other hand, is not a legitimate site known for having many fake profiles. It would be best to go for the opposite option of or

  • Are pagan dating sites worth joining?

    If you’re looking for a safe haven to start a relationship with someone, then you should consider joining pagan dating sites.

    Not only does it make your dating process so much easier, but pagan dating sites are fun and interactive as well. And it’s great for those looking to make lasting friendships.

  • Are pagan dating sites free?

    If you want to join a pagan dating site in the United Kingdom, you will have to pay a certain amount of money. This money varies between different sites.

    Both NaughtyDate and QuickFlirt offer very affordable paid plans to their users. While free accounts do exist, they are heavily limited and restrict your access to search filters, messaging privileges, and much more. So, a paid pagan dating account is always recommended.

  • Are pagan dating sites scam free?

    Most of them are. You’ll probably be able to tell which sites are scam sites based on customer reviews or the number of fake profiles on the site.

    However, both NaughtyDate and QuickFlirt are fully scammed free pagan dating sites and safe to use. We can guarantee that you’ll barely run into any bots or fake user profiles on these sites.

    Any member profile that attempts to scam you can be reported to the site’s admin and taken down.

  • Are pagan dating sites age restricted?

    Yes, they are. A vast majority of pagan dating sites have age restrictions. This is because many people in these sites are above 21 and might be in search of a sexual relationship or hookup.

    All three pagan dating sites mentioned in this article require all new users to be at least 18 years of age before registering an account.