Everyone has something that does it for them and gets their motor up and running, it’s just that some, like breasts and bums, are more common, and although they noticed, you don’t need them to get your groove on. Enjoying a sexual fetish can seem at the extreme range of things, but fetishes come in all shapes and sizes, even the weird and furry. If you think you might be over fixated on something – read on to find out if it could be your navel.

What Is a Belly Button Fetish?

Evolutionary psychologists believe men are attracted to all bodily orifices. Although, the belly button or umbilicus isn’t a true orifice, it is an erogenous zone capable of triggering sexual responses. The theory is that men have a female navel fetish because of its passing resemblance to a vagina.

The navel has always stirred the imagination. The Sacred Omphalos Stone represented the Navel of the World by the ancient Greeks. The Romans had the same idea as the Umbilicus Urbis Romae, the center of Rome, and the Jews with Jerusalem. There are creation myths associated with the navel in Turkey, China, India, and New Mexico. World literature and holy books have naval muses, including the Song of Songs in the Hebrew Bible.

Great men, who did nothing, sat and contemplated their navel and, greater men sipped champagne from the navels of beautiful women. For anyone who finds the thought of a belly button exciting, the latest fashion with belly buttons out on display has to be exciting, if sexual attraction was as simple as that.

Although the belly button doesn’t sound the run of the mill fixation for a fetish, there isn’t such a thing as usual in the fetish world, but to generalize, a sexual fetish, such as the one for belly buttons, by established definition is dependent on a real or imagined presence for sexual gratification. Now that people feel easier talking about such deeply intimate things, it turns out, many people have fetishes, and this presence can be just about anything.

People are into all sorts of things, and thankfully, it’s much easier to meet them. All it takes is joining a fetish dating site to fulfill your girl’s navel fetish. You can join chat rooms on these dating sites and be in a community of people with fetishes, including those who celebrate the belly button.

Belly Button Fetish and Sexual Fun

As it is, if you feel more attracted to your partner’s belly button than convention dictates you think you should be, there’s no need to claim it as your own unique fetish just yet. As fetishes go, this one is extremely popular. It’s even been done on the silver screen. Can’t afford the champas? No problem. Navels make useful bitesize receptacles for anything, from hot wax and honey to vodka and cream. You can enjoy a navel kiss or try belly button licking, or you can even shift it more towards BDSM and try belly button torture with a navel fetish needle or something like that.

Although in varying proportions, sucking, blowing, and stroking and nibbling and licking, all take prime roles in belly button fantasies whether you stop at thinking them up or like acting them out. The point is you have a fetish if you can’t reach a climax without a belly button input.

Despite fetish sites, there is still a tendency to think of fetishes as solo affairs because despite its star status across eons and religions and cultures, these days, the poor navel is almost forgotten as an erogenous zone in the west. Even though women report the belly button rim’s sensitivity can rival that of the clitoris during arousal. It’s this that earns it the pseudonym ‘little vagina’.

Fulfilling Your Navel Fetish the Right Way

People being curious, often like to go one step further. While blowing raspberries with her innie is foreplay for some, to others, foreplay is navel torture – hence the hot wax, and oils, and even pins. There have even been instances reported of men attempting penetration.

So, if the obvious isn’t practical, what can you both do to reach belly button satisfaction? Essential oils, in all their forms, from gels to moisturizing creams, are the go too. Stock up on flavors and sensations, some cool, some warm, and some tingle but avoid all oils not prepared for intimate use.

Many like to eat from navels. Honestly, it depends on what you have in the fridge, but those who enjoy it always have a can of squirt cream and fresh fruit in. The most popular are strawberries to set the champagne off and cherries, symbolic of virginal pop but go with the flow. The food associated belly button fetish you might be developing is not concerned with a healthy diet.

Eating food off your partner as if she’s a plate might even feature in your fantasy, but as far as food and drink go, belly button fetishes can get messy, but why let you put you off.