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Editor’s Summary

Although the website Fetishdatelink.com looks quite appealing, it is probably not the greatest choice when it comes to dating sites. The number of male profiles is higher, and they are mostly looking for female dominants. Besides, Fetishdatelink.com does not have any community features like a forum or other groups that users might want to join. If you sign up for this platform, you have to be extremely cautious because it is full of fake profiles and you don’t know what kind of person you will run into. In short, there are way better sites out there!

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Pros & cons

The dating site Fetishdatelink.com has both pros and cons, but from what we see, the cons definitely outweigh the pros. Check them out yourself:


  • Easy registration
  • Attractive design
  • A large number of members interested in fetishes


  • No SSL Certificate
  • No mobile app
  • Full of scammers
  • Very limited free membership
  • Expensive paid membership upgrades

Members in the UK

Fetishdatelink.com accepts users from different countries around the world, including the UK. Knowing how hard it is to find someone with the same interests and fetishes in your location, members are often deceived into using the services of this site. But in most cases, they end up disappointed because the majority of users are not who they pretend to be. A normal fetish might turn out so weird and perverted that you will wish you had never contacted this person or logged into the site. Keep in mind, Fetishdatelink.com is not the only dating site available in the UK. There are plenty of other platforms where UK users can find like-minded people and have so much fun.

Profiles Quality

It is true Fetishdatelink.com allows users to create a detailed profile. But the problem is, there is no secure verification of this information. Anyone can easily make it all up and create a fake profile. A member can add features like hair colour, eye colour, body type, height, etc. There is also a special field to describe your personality, another possibility for scammers to enchant naïve users with beautiful words. On this site, you can describe your ideal match in 2000 characters, but this is thoroughly unnecessary. After all, you are willing to discover online dating and find someone to have fun with, instead of wasting your time writing cliches. Most users on dating sites are looking for a brief profile and not interested in reading such romance.

How to Make Contact

If you somehow have decided to give it a try and sign up on Fetishdatelink.com, you can make contact with other members by using the search. To start browsing profiles, click on “Search Now”. Like on other dating sites, you can use a quick search by filling in only gender and age interval or some expanded options. But what is the point? As we mentioned, there is no verification, and while choosing these features, you might be just surfing in an imaginary virtual world.

On Fetishdatelink.com, any pervert can pretend to be a nice person and later on ask you to do awful things. Because the platform is focused on fetishes, there is not much control over what is written or published. You can also search members by username. For example, you can type in Bdsm and then browse the results. But it will not help you as in this case the search will show you a lot of profiles without a picture that just “scream” fake.

Premium Extras

Unfortunately, if you want to get more of Fetishdatelink.com and take advantage of premium extras, you will have to pay. Some of the most popular paid features are video and audio chat. But to use them, it will cost you $ 29.86 per month, which is a lot for a dating site. You can get discounts for 3 months and 12 months and pay accordingly $49.72 and $99.44. Again, this is so expensive and not worth it as there are tons of other sites better than Fetishdatelink.com and offering advanced features for free.


  • Does Fetishdatelink.com have many members from the UK?

    Yes, but most of them give it upright in the beginning when they see all disadvantages of the platform and perverts who get unlimited access to it.

  • Is it free to sign up on Fetishdatelink.com?

    The registration is not going to cost you anything, but the free membership is quite limited, and if you want to use better premium features, you have to pay eventually.

  • How can I make sure the person I’m chatting with on this site is real?

    You can never be sure. And this is the biggest problem of this dating site. They don’t require verification and anyone can upload fake pictures and pretend to be someone else.

  • Can I have a video chat with a person I met on Fetishdatelink.com?

    You can have a video chat with a member-only if you have both upgraded to a paid membership. As indicated earlier, the free membership is limited and not offering such features.

  • Is it possible to use Fetishdatelink.com on my mobile phone?

    It is possible but only through your browser so that pages may load more slowly. The company does not offer a mobile app yet.

  • Is it safe to register on Fetishdatelink.com?

    Honestly, no. First of all, this website does not have an SSL Certificate. This means all personal information that you provide will not be encrypted. Users are not obliged to verify their identity. Therefore it is easy to create fake profiles. And finally, the site is focused on kinky sex and fetishes, and God knows what kinds of freaks might try to connect with you.