Naughty nurses are an age-old sexual fantasy. The uniforms, the gloves, the bed baths, etc. – for as long as we’ve had nurses, men have been fantasizing from their medical beds. A nurses outfit is probably the most popular sexual dress-up outfit of all time.

But while a medical fetish might start with a little “clinic role play”, people involved in the fetish are often looking for the “real” hospital experience and a lot more than just a sexy outfit and tools for the show. The term “medical fetish” covers a lot more than just dressing up and often delves into other – non-invasive – medical procedures than can be recreated in the bedroom.

The world of medical fetish is a big one, and once you’ve dived in, there is endless fetishism to enjoy in the bedroom. Think anal thermometers, doctor/patient/nurse relations, bondage (straight jackets), abundant use of latex, patient sexual play, the use of medical tools and toys – medfet (or medical fetish) is often limitless.

How to Get Started with a Medical Play?

If you’ve had fun with doctor/nurse dress up or doctor/patient role play and want to delve further into your medical fetish, knowing where to start can be difficult. Often tools such as anal thermometers or a vaginal speculum are right places to begin as they require little experience and are unlikely to cause damage to you or your partner.


Once you and your partner feel comfortable, you can begin to experiment with other medical fetish equipment, such as (but not limited to):

  • Doctor/nurse roleplay
  • Anaesthesia
  • Intimate examinations (anal, vaginal, urological)
  • Injections
  • Dental equipment or objects
  • Medical restraints
  • Catheterization procedures
  • Enemas
  • Insertion (prostate exam/suppositories)
  • Breast exam
  • Casts (form of bondage)
  • Latex gloves, masks, gowns
  • Body exam
  • Doctor/patient relationships
  • Doctor/nurse roleplay
  • Clinic roleplay

It is always important to remember when buying or making medfet equipment at home that safety should come first. If you’re buying tools or toys that you’re unfamiliar with or partaking in medical practices that usually take place in a hospital – it’s important to research or read the manufacturer instructions before use.

Where to Find a Medical Play Partner?

If you’re looking to satisfy your medical fetish and you don’t have a partner (or they’re not up for it), the internet is a great place to find exactly what you’re looking for. Some people just don’t have the same fetishism as you, and when you’re into a kink like medical roleplay or doctor/patient play, finding the perfect person can be hard.

While you might meet the “doctor” of your dreams – who is willing to explore every inch of your body in a sexual medical examination and fulfill your fetish – at the local bar, the chances are (more than) slim.

There are a lot of highly specialized medical fetish dating sites that offer the profiles of the “doctors, nurses and patients” that you want to meet, saving a lot of time and energy when finding your new partner – whether you’re looking for a BDSM relationship, a medfet fling or just a little more excitement with a flirt online.

These sites usually have a very small audience, so the best option would be to use popular dating sites that have advanced search options, thematic chats, video chats and much more for your enjoyment. You should only fill your profile correctly, describing your interests and sexual preferences to find a suitable partner for your taste.


If you already have a partner who is ready to leap with you, the internet and BDSM forums offer a lot of advice and pointers into the best, safe ways to get started with a medical fetish. The best advice will always promote taking things slowly – as with most BDSM activities in the bedroom, medfet is no different, and safety should always be your first precaution.

Which Fetish Dating Sites are Best for MedFet?

While everyone enjoys a little bedside manner, not everyone is ready for some of the more adventurous aspects of the medfet kink. Therefore, sometimes finding someone to enjoy the fetish can be difficult. Specialised fetish chat rooms (or the clinic, if you’d prefer) is full of “doctors and nurses” waiting to give medical examinations and fulfill your erotic medical fantasy.

But how do you know which site is the best for you and your personal medical fantasy? The internet is full of dating and hookup websites, and no two are the same, but it doesn’t need to be difficult to find the perfect place for you. If you’re looking for medical fetish dating site, join us to find the one that’s right for you.

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