It is where sexual arousal is attained by interest in the neck of their partner. Usually, a neck fetish is centered on desiring a female’s neck. You don’t need to have a neck fetish to realize how sensitive the neck is. Kissing and caressing it feels pretty good.

Kinkier activities like choking can be incorporated or not. In general, erotic asphyxiation is incorporated in many other fetishes. It is a process in which sexual arousal is obtained by limiting the amount of oxygen being fed to the brain.

Love bites and hickeys from gentle bites on the neck are almost a pop culture item and are now getting referenced on movies and music videos. The sensitivity of the back of the neck makes it a very playful ground for erotic activities. This sensitivity isn’t limited to the female sex only.

Scientists believe there’s nothing wrong with having a fetish as long as nobody is hurt. Some are linked to traumatic responses, and others are not. Jewelry like a necklace, collar, or choker can be used to pay special attention to the neck.

If a fetish couple is into BDSM play, dog-like collars can be used to restrain the neck and set the tone. Due to the neck’s sensitivity, partners have to explore the types of kinks to partake in. Safe words and boundaries have to be set too.

Pursuing Your Fetish

It’s completely normal to have a fetish, although some are bound to elicit raised eyebrows by the conservatives in the society. Introducing such a sensitive topic to your partner is frightening because it might make or break your relationship.

So, how do you tell your partner you have a particular fetish? The following steps will guide you:

  • Suggestions during the dirty talk – Utilize your dirty sex talks to full effect by giving sex suggestions aligned to your fetish. It will subconsciously incept the idea in their mind and warm up to it. It’s a technique a lot of women are good at.
  • Flattery – Give special attention to the places you’re attracted to. Normalize giving compliments to get your partner to become self-aware.
  • Ask your partner about their fetishes – This creates a common ground where the norms are out of the window. Anyone can get surprised, so take your chance to reveal your fetish.

Learn and Explore Neck Fetishes Relationships

Guys with a fetish for the neck are fixated on it and only want to objectify it sexually and give it attention. It’s a form of partialism, and someone might only be interested in the neck or getting stimulated on it. Not everyone who is aroused by some form of neck play has a fetish.

A lot of theories are floated on the origin of fetishes. Some are conditioned, and fetishism is more common in men than in women. It suggests that the biological differences between men and women make a huge difference.

A fetish can be classified as a disorder when people are hurt, or illegal activities are involved. A fetish disorder can lead to a decrease in the usual sexual interests. Several treatment procedures are in place, like cognitive behavioral therapy and medication to treat adverse effects.


Scarves, collars, chokers, neckbands, and more can be used to accessorize the neck. Accessorizing helps cast light on the fetishized organ. The accessories can be incorporated into the sex games that a couple plays.

Communicate with your partner to find ways to add accessories to your fetish. It will help you in exploring your sexuality as a couple. The number couple killer is boredom and monotony, and fetish provides a way beyond that.

The Differences between a Kink and a Fetish

Guys mainly use the two to refer to sexual activities and inclinations, which are not considered ‘normal. The differences are minimal, and sometimes the two overlap. In broader terms, a fetish is being fixated on a specific body part like neck, legs, hair, or specific objects like heels, leather, etc. The fetishist only gets sexual gratification and satisfaction when the fetishized part or object is isolated and objectified.

A kink, in general, describes the interest in alternative sexual activities and fantasies. The person with the kink doesn’t draw satisfaction from the kink only. The kink is like an addition to sexuality, and the person’s sexuality isn’t wholly defined by it. Guys in a relationship can occasionally get involved in kinky activities to boost their sex lives. Most fetishes can be considered a kink but not the way around.

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