Generally, a nose fetish involves the attraction of any kind to the nose. The shape and size can interest some people. Others want an actual interaction to get sexual satisfaction. Sexual fantasy might also be involved with some people preferring to penetrate and/or ejaculate on the nose or nostrils. These are the several ways how a nose fetish is manifested.

For penetration, a finger or the penis is used, and the extent of penetration can be discussed amongst partners. Fictional fantasies of the nose involve characters like Pinocchio, where it is possible to use a prop to achieve the desired effect. In some instances, the nose is used as a substitute for a penis when penetration is needed. Nose clamps and sex toys are also used for penetration.

What Is Partialism?

It is the attraction to body organs that are not traditionally sexual. Sexual organs, buttocks, and boobs are traditionally sexualized and evoke sexual interests by a majority of people. However, you find people with a sexual interest in other body parts like the nose, neck; that’s partialism. If the individual cannot attain sexual satisfaction when the organ isn’t in play during sex, then it becomes a fetish.

Where to Find a Fetish Dating Partner

  • Online Sites & Mobile Apps. There is currently no better place to find a partner for a fetish than hookup platforms. There are many advantages like the community’s exclusivity, trying out different options, and getting a date quicker. Furthermore, limits and conditions can be put in place before communicating or meeting a prospective partner. There are many sites out there for this kind of fetish; choosing one suited to you shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Social Media Groups and Forums. Social media is connecting the world like never before. People are forming identity groups that resonate with their way of living. The discussions on these groups can expose you to people willing to try fetish dating with you. Look for these groups online and get acquainted with the people and topics. Meeting a prospective partner will happen soon enough.

Telling Your Partner about a Fetish

It’s okay to be freaky and want a relationship with kinky sex. However, not everyone will be welcoming and understanding of your darkest cravings. Societal shame has conditioned us to shun our innermost sexual desires. Due to the delicacy of the matter, breaking the news to your partner should be done properly.

Dating experts have recommended leaving a note, suggesting porn, and even playing truth and dare. All these are techniques intended to warm up your partner and get them open-minded. The goal is to open up and hopefully get a good response.

Informative 2022 Guide to Nasophilia

Nasophilia can be defined as a sexual attraction to the nose achieved through physical contact, contact with genitals, and fantasy transformation of the nose. People who practice this form of dating are also known as basophils. Different activities involving the nose arouse them.

A majority of basophils are men, according to a Nose Network publication some years back. It also highlighted that a good number of women enjoy the sight of big noses. People were found to be reluctant to admit to this fetish due to the stigma around it.

For them, the nose is an erogenous zone that can be manipulated sexually like any other organ. Some basophils are aroused sexually by fantasies of nose transformation. It is different from a transformation fetish. The craved transformation can be from a human nose to an animal nose, like a pig. Other fantasies use props and role-playing to actualize fictional roles like Pinocchio.

How Online Sites Are Facilitating Fetish Dating

Amidst the pandemic and lockdowns, hookup sites offer a breath of fresh air because guys can still do the thing online.

  • Connecting via Video Chats – Members can have video chats and talk about their desires online. Sex games can be played to increase the sexual tension between partners before they meet. Show some effort to dress according to your fetish while on that video call.
  • Media Sharing – Pictures, videos, reactions are shared among users, which is a mood booster. Someone with nasophilia will appreciate pictures and videos of the nose of a prospective partner.

In the end, it’s about being comfortable with your fetish and deciding whether to tell the world or your partner about it. If the timing isn’t appropriate, you can always try another day.

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