If you have an armpit hair fetish, you might be scared to tell anybody because they might mock you and your sex preferences. People think that having a fetish makes you weird. The thing is – having a fetish makes you exciting, sexual, and fun! You have to be among the people who understand you. Especially when it comes to sex. That’s the only way anybody should live. Keep reading this post, and you’ll realize that having a thing for armpits makes you special. It doesn’t matter if you prefer them shaved or you love body hair, you’re still special. You’ll even learn where to meet people like you. You’ll chat with men who have female armpit fetish, and meet a woman looking for men like you.

What do people with armpit fetish have in common?

People who are blessed like you have one thing in common – they love nature. They are also natural look lovers. More importantly, natural odor lovers. People today aren’t that much scent oriented, but in the past, that was important for survival and finding partners. Pheromones are still controlling our behavior without us knowing it. By embracing your true self, you’re embracing nature. You’re embracing your body as it is, natural.

Remember when you smelled a woman with a pleasant sweaty smell. It felt so good, you wanted to have sex with her. Smelling somebody who smelled unnaturally felt awful. Those who have armpit fetish trust their nose and date only people their nose approves. After all, you don’t want to stick your nose to the place you don’t like.

What makes armpit fetish so fun?

People wonder how does armpit fetish works. It might look like there isn’t one sexual thing about it, but when you look deeper into it, it’s very sexy and fun. So how does it work? There are levels to it. Some people are only into smelling, some love licking. Some love everything. After listing different kinds, we’ll tell you a bit more about them and their combinations.

Different kinds of armpit fetish:

  • Hairy armpit fetish
  • Shaved armpit fetish
  • Sweaty armpit fetish
  • Armpit licking fetish
  • Armpit penetration

Some of those different fetishes go one with another. The biggest difference is in the body hair. Some people love them shaved; some prefer a more natural look – unshaved. That hits the visual part of the brain, but as you know, this fetish is more about the nose than eyes. It’s no wonder that most of the people prefer unshaved armpits. It keeps the scent better. If they love armpit penetration, sweaty carpet keeps moist better than hairless. Still, it doesn’t mean a person loves armpit sex (penetration) if they have a fetish for that tickly area of the body. The sweaty scent of their partners turns on most of the people. That’s the reason why they or their partners don’t use deodorant or antiperspirant in most cases. Natural body scent is what makes everything so good. A big percentage of people are into licking too by doing that, you treat your eyes, nose, and tongue. You see, this fetish is a party for all of your organs. Even those aren’t sexual to other people. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. So-called normal people don’t know how to have fun. And don’t worry if you’re a woman with a thing for pits. There are plenty of ladies like you out there who love the smell of real men. There are plenty of men looking for a woman like you too. Everybody gets to have natural sexual fun in the armpit fetish world.

Where to find people with armpit fetish?

One place where you surely won’t find anybody with an armpit fetish is a deodorant section in the markets. It’s quite awkward to meet a woman or man in a bar and tell them you would like to sniff their pits. It might work sometime, but you won’t get a lot of sex following that strategy.

The key is to look for girls with armpit fetish at a place they want to be found. Popular dating sites are great for doing that. There you can meet women or men with the same interest as yours. Chat rooms, private messages, and many other special features will make you feel free. There is no judging, just people with fetishes wanting to share their experiences and wishes. If you’re looking to have a sexual adventure that includes armpits – dating site is the place to start.

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