What is a Mom Son Fetish?

A mom son fetish is one where a male gets sexual gratification from being coddled by or having sex with a motherly figure (typically an older woman). However, it doesn’t mean that the individual is sexually attracted to their biological mother or a family member, and vice versa. There are also many elderly women who get sexual pleasure from being an authority figure to or taking care of a younger companion.

Common Mom Son Fetishes and Kinks

1. Seductress Step-mom

You have probably come across step-mom porn at least once in your life. It is very popular on the Internet. This fetish is a thing in its own self. Since a step mom is not a biological mother, this fetish does not come under incest and is not considered to be as unacceptable. After all, for most people with a mom son fetish, the sexual allure is symbolic rather than personal. It is about an experienced elderly woman teaching little Johnny everything. It is archetypal.

There still are some people who actually want to have sex with their biological mother. However, a step mother is the best option.

2. The MILF

MILF is an acronym for Mother I’d Like to Fuck. An age-play dynamic is central to the MILF narrative. It involves a sexual relationship between an older woman and a younger lover. Another archetype is Stifler’s Mother- someone else’s mother. The idea was introduced to the mainstream with the 1999 movie American Pie. People with this fetish are aroused by the idea of having sex with a woman with children.

3. Lactation and Pregnancy Fetish

The body of women changes during and after pregnancy. Some men find this attractive. They are particularly sexually aroused by pregnant women due to all the hormones being released during it. There’s so much happening that is extremely sexy. The hips and breasts increase in size, the body is releasing pheromones. In certain cultures, just looking at a woman during her pregnancy was considered indecent. After all, pregnancy is a result of sex and its culmination. There are also people who have adult-nursing fetish. After pregnancy, women lactate, which increases their breast size, and many men find that aspect of mothers sexually attractive.

4. Nipple and breast fetish

If you have been led to believe that the mom kink does not necessarily apply to you, reading this might be slightly agitating for you- especially if you’re a female reader. But understanding that this fetish is really what drives the human fixation, for both males and females, to breasts is what puts things into perspective. Being aroused by breasts is far from being considered taboo. It could even be considered a cliche for people of all genders. It is considered a commonplace subject of fixation for pinups, clothed or unclothed. But the breast is not inherently sexualized in every culture. Some believe they are devoid of anything sexual and have no role beyond nourishing the young. Considering how everyone is allured by breasts, it explains why all the rest of these mom fetishes exist.

How to Find a Partner with a Mom Son Fetish?

The mom son fetish is quite common, and there are many kinds of mom kinks out there. Our social, religious, and personal tendency is to perceive motherly figures as sexless. The incest taboo further adds to this viewpoint. However, the male desire says otherwise. It shows us what is apparent, mothers are sexual beings just like everyone else. Even psycho-analysts like Freud highlighted that men become aware of their sexuality and women through their own mother. Most men do not experience these fantasies literally because of the incest taboo. So, they develop a sexual interest in other older women or mothers.

If you enjoy mom son fetish play, you can find open-minded people online in various fetish forums. There are also many fetish dating sites in UK that can help you find a partner with the same fetish. You can use the search filters on these sites to enter your preferred age and find older women who also have an interest in fetish role play. If you find someone attractive, you can message them instantly and start talking about your kinks. After creating an account on a fetish dating site, make sure your profile has all the necessary information for you to attract the perfect partners.

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