Satin might be one of the sexiest clothing materials out there. It is not only used predominantly in making sexy female outfits; it can be used in linen and other garments. Thus, it is no surprise to hear people with a satin fetish are a dime a dozen. Plus, there is no limit to the number of satin products in the home and public stores. This fetish involves developing heightened sexual pleasure when satin rubs on you, perhaps as you wear it or when a partner does.

Some individuals do not have to touch a silk garment to develop sexual feelings. It can be a matter of checking out products through a shop window, or your neighbor's lingerie on the clothing line, or your wife's birthday outfit in the wardrobe.For extreme satin fetishists, the desire compels them to purchase said products to wear or admire at the comfort of their homes. Others may take it a step further and wear them (men) while out and about, albeit discreetly.

  • The fetishist may not have any desire to view the body behind the satin panties or dress. The attraction is predominantly to the fabric, which is why they might desire to touch it, even wearing the clothing.
  • Some men wear these same outfits to fulfill their sexual fantasies related to satin fetishism. It might center on satin panties they purchase, found, or were given by a likable, like-minded lady somewhere.

Clothing Fetishism or Garment Fetishism

It is the overarching theme behind satin fetishes and all forms of attire that turn on men and women. There is a specific desire for certain garments with clothing fetishism, be they full dresses, flimsy pieces like thongs, or indeed panties. When it comes to clothing fetishism, people need to understand it has little to do with the outfits' individuals.

For instance, a hot MILF might be clad in a fancy satin birthday suit. It is a sexy outfit for any man who has the pleasure of viewing or touching. When the lady decides to take it off, the pleasure is in her nudity, not the outfit. However, clothing fetishists might take the outfit, rub it on themselves, or smell it, focusing away from the sexy body in front of them.

If and when the individual has a slightly deviant form of garment fetishism, they will enjoy donning the outfit themselves. It can be female panties worn by men, bras, a full dress, or something as simple as a scarf. The idea is to have the fabric touch them, nothing more. When one feels the desire to watch others dress in satin fabric, or undress, they might take online forums to engage like-minded peeps. It is a desire that conventional lasses or gents might not understand, and thus a similar-minded girlfriend might be found on web-based resources. Check out fancy sites offering ads for clothing and garment fetishism today.

Prevalence of Clothing Fetishism

If you know how often men take to hiding in rooms while wearing thongs and G-strings they purchased online, then you are aware of its prevalence. Some ladies get turned on wearing male clothing, but clothing fetishism is undoubtedly more common in men than women. Younger males wear female clothing at an early age, be it panties or dresses. As men get older, they might become closeted cross-dressing males, unbeknownst to their family or friends.

It is more common among older men to practice fetish dating. Remember, clothing fetishism spans a variety of fabrics. Satin and nylon are but a few, with PVC, leather, fur, and spandex making up a considerable part of this fetishism culture. Here, you will encounter predominantly single men, with several married men joining BDSM sites seeking such pleasure. It not abnormal behavior, neither should it be considered a perversion.

For clarification, there are several items falling undergarment fetishism. However, studies revealed specifics in terms of where these items would be worn. For instance, items worn on legs and bums make up more of the clothing fetishist desires. Other items include underwear and, of course, bodysuits. Thus, it is more common and widely accepted when women don these outfits, either for their hubbies or boyfriends, particularly men of the older variety. Check out BDSM sites for fetish dating today – they do not disappoint.