It’s no secret that men are generally fascinated by huge buttocks since time immemorial. This fascination is more evident nowadays with popular culture making voluptuous women at the heart of every moment. From celebrities to Instagram personalities, they are going under the knife to improve the size and curvature of their asses. Music videos from Hip-Hop to dancehall are graced by big-butted women shaking their behinds. However, not all men who are fascinated by big booties have an ass fetish. It was just a pointer to show how easy it is to see big asses in our normal lives.

An ass fetish is when someone is obsessed with behinds and gets their sexual satisfaction from rubbing, licking, anal play, etc. The broader term is Pygophilia, and a lot of men have this fascination.

Why Do Men Love a Curvaceous Ass?

Scholars have various theories as to why men love a curvy behind. Historical studies have also shown that it isn’t a modern thing, and the fascination has been there for millennia. Our forefathers interpreted a big behind as a sign of fertility, and maybe evolution engrained the fascination deep in our minds. A good percentage of women have had a relationship with a man who has an ass fetish. This kind of fetish dating is getting popular every day due to the ease of accessing such women. It’s important to note that even women are fascinated by a man’s ass though it’s not as prevalent.

What Ass Fetish Dating Involves

Activities that constitute having an ass fetish are broad. Some people get sexual satisfaction from just looking at them, while others need to feel, grab or even involve a bit of anal play. Spanking, squeezing, and caressing are also popular ways of anal eroticism. Some men also enjoy butt massages.

Talking about Your Ass Fetish

Some people are not into fetish dating of any kind. To avoid sulking and being unhappy in a relationship, make sure to have an honest conversation about it. A fetish is a habit, and not having it can frustrate a person sexually because gratification is dependent on it. If your partner thinks your ass fetish is too much for them, you’re better off with another person.

Dating someone with a fetish needs patience, understanding, and a lack of judgment. You might get a partner who has a tolerance for your ass fetish but with one of their own.

Where to Look for Women with an Ass Fetish

  • Hookup Websites. These are your best bet at finding women whom you share the same fetish. It’s common to find hookup websites serving an exact niche or with fetish dating sections. Such websites are better than general dating sites. It’s easier to meet someone open to your fetish because you bumped onto each other in a certain fetish section. As a user, it’s possible to indicate your profile that you’re only interested in people with an ass fetish.
  • Online Communities, Forums, etc. A simple google search can point you in the right direction. There is access to people discussing their experiences in fetish dating. Take part in the conversation by sharing your experiences, and that way, you’ll interact and meet more people with an ass fetish. On these communities, use a pseudo name that can’t be traced to you. Privacy is important.

The Psychology behind an Ass Fetish

Popular culture and pornography have made aspects of anal sex and anal play more mainstream. Pornographic acts glorifying butts are a very popular niche. So out of sheer curiosity, some men might be inclined to it out due to the fear of being left out. The analogy of the forbidden fruit also comes into play here, with men trying out anal sex just because it’s bad and ‘forbidden.’

Some women also prefer anal sex to avoid vaginal sex, especially in backward societies where virginity is valued and tested. Ancient people regularly used anal sex as a form of contraception, so this obsession with voluptuous behinds and anal play is not modern.

What is Pygophilia?

Pygophilia is the umbrella term for guys who are aroused sexually by the buttocks of another person. People with an ass fetish are also known as Pygophiles or Pygophilists. If you’re spending a lot of time fantasizing about buttocks, then you could be one. Pygophilia is one of the common fetishes, and many people are worshipping buttocks in secret.

Pygophiles derive sexual pleasure and gratification simply by looking at them or rubbing their buttocks against someone else’s. Popular culture has also promoted various ways of worshipping women’s behind.