Have you ever asked yourself that question? What is it? Human genitals? Role-playing game? Some are turned on by… wait for it! Electricity!

So what Does Resus Fetish Means Exactly?

Someone can understand it as an erotic electrostimulation which is when electricity is used for sexual gratification through various devices, such as an electrified stick with multiple extensions or just an electric unit with probes or anal toys.

This is usually – but not necessarily – associated with BDSM, a dominant and submissive power exchange. And many people (who aren’t craziest of their kind) use exactly this side of resus fetishism. But there are also peeps who can’t live without hardcore and adrenalin. Those people do love playing with resurrection.

And if you had a thought about necromancy, blood magic, or any other kind of stuff that brings people to life – you’re wrong. Well, it could be much interesting, but we’re talking about the usual heart paddles or defibrillator. Yeah, now you getting it right. Have you seen the “Flatliners” movie? If you did, you’d understand the nitty-gritty.

If not, we’ll not keep you in the dark for too long. The hardcore resus fetishists used to play extreme BDSM games, like choking each other until the loop of consciousness and then breathing life with heart paddles. Usually, any electro-stuff like cattle prods, naked cable ( but not connected to the high voltage), etc. Anyway, before considering to give a shot to this kind of game – make sure you’ll survive.

Method of Exposure and Safety when Playing with Electricity

Relatively safe equipment for playing with electricity is the so-called “magic wand” (aka “Blue Wand,” Violet Wand). However, when using it, you must comply with the general safety rules regarding restrictions on health (heart and many other diseases), as well as all the following restrictions on the place of use.

More sophisticated uses of electricity in BDSM require a good knowledge of physical and medical aspects, as well as the ability to conduct resuscitation measures. Ideally, for these more complex games with electricity, use body-attached electrodes attached to a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation).

Gel or rubber electrodes are usually supplied with the microstimulator, which can be supplemented with options of your own design. One electrode is fixed on the body, and the second is touched in different places, changing the current frequency and power.

How to Enjoy Resus Fetish Safely

As a rule, all manipulations are carried out with rubber gloves. It is important to note that only battery or capacitor power is used for playing with the current. Don’t use mains power (through a transformer) – with any reliability, its breakdown is possible.

Needles inserted into the body must not be connected – the resistance of the vessels is minimal, and the internal electrode causes a strong, uncontrolled effect even when a small household battery is connected. You need to understand how the current affects a person and how to provide first aid.

The danger of electric current for the human body is determined mainly by the magnitude of the current flowing between the electrodes. The path through which the current passes and the electrical resistance are also important – the mucous membrane’s resistance is much lower than that of the skin, and wet skin is less dry.

As a limit value safe for health in pain practice, you can use a current of up to 10 mA. It should be borne in mind that different people have different sensitivity to the current! In the more sensitive, this current strength can cause loss of consciousness.

The current begins to be felt from 1mA, pain appears at 5mA, the current of 7mA can be considered the maximum allowable for most women, and 10mA is the maximum allowable for men. A current of 15 mA is harmful to health, and at 30 mA, breathing disorders occur, up to paralysis of the respiratory muscles – reversible, however, when providing medical care.

Resus Fetish Tips

  • Tie the bottom partner well; most likely, he or she will toss on the bed in pain
  • Fantasy is not limited by anything; choose fixation depending on the intended use
  • Position X or position A is ideal but optional when using resus fetish
  • Ligament sprains with ES devices are not threatened, tongue biting, most likely, too
  • The biggest problem could be bond abrasions and the like, so choose a wide bandage material
  • If you have nervous neighbors or children, and your partner moans or screams loudly even during normal sex, then use a gag, preferably soft, allowing you to bite it
  • Agree on a stop word!
  • If your partner is pregnant, you better go to the cinema or watch “Bitter Moon”

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