The easiest way to discriminate between kinks and fetishes is by exploring the relationship between you and your obsession. Generally, a kink is an obsession with a particular sexual position or activity, whereas a fetish is obsessing over an inanimate object. Both sides explored correctly will increase the level of eroticism you experience with a sexual partner. However, adults use inanimate objects such as costumes or sex toys to get aroused or achieve orgasm during role-playing activities.

What Is Known as a Kink?

Feeling aroused by a preferred behavior or sexual position compared to other activities in the bedroom might identify your kink. Obsession means you want to do this activity again and again. You never get enough of it. For example, you feel obsessed with anal play, which means your partner stimulates your anus. Or, you’re obsessed with playing with your partner’s anus. Anything involving the activity makes you excited. Or, you prefer dressing up as a baby and having your partner spoon-feed you.

What Could Be Defined as a Fetish?

The importance of the inanimate object is key. You feel obsessed with your partner’s feet, or you use a specific toy. Some people are obsessed with food, costumes, whips and chains, whip cream, being in a cage, wearing a collar, or other things to feel aroused. The presence of the inanimate object matters because it engages the senses and makes the role-play feel real. It’s hard for your partner to feel the same excitement when pursuing your fetish if it is not exciting. He or she must emphasize your sexual preferences and participate for your pleasure. Fortunately, some things are enjoyable alone or with a group. An alternative to explore on a fetish dating site is video chat with a partner. Try exploring inner passions together. For example, dress up as superheroes and masturbate in front of the camera.

Joining a fetish dating site is an immediate solution for spicing up your sex life. If you’re bored with your current partner or you don’t have a partner at the moment, you can find like-minded adults on this niche dating site. A typical fetish dating site has a variety of members participating in online discussions and video chats around the world. Their location does not matter because they love their kink or fetish and enjoy networking with strangers. Talking about it is no different than attending a comic convention and checking out costumes of adults obsessed with superheroes or science fiction. Quickly, strangers on a dating site feel like close friends. It’s easy to establish a rapport around your common interest. Be cautious and decide when it’s safe to share contact information and eventually arrange face-to-face meetings when it’s mutually convenient.

What’s the Difference Between Kink and Fetish Exactly?

In the end, exploring a kink or fetish attunes you to your personal erotic needs. If you ignore what turns you on or can’t imagine discussing it with your romantic partner, you deny yourself a full sexual identity. If you consistently keep your inner desires hidden, you and your long-term partner might never achieve the deepest level of intimacy. Many couples break up after years together because they cannot increase the sexual excitement in their relationship or share their kinks and fetishes. If you’re looking for a new partner, exploring a fetish dating site will link you with someone who shares your erotic interests.

You’re looking for a romantic partner on a specific dating site, here are some questions you can ask during your online chats.

  • What is your fetish or kink?
  • How important is your fetish or kink to your sex life?
  • How often do you want to pursue this kink or fetish with your trusted partner?
  • Would you consider having an open relationship so your partner would be free to enjoy their kink or fetish if you couldn’t satisfy it?

These questions will help you know your partner better and determine your potential compatibility. Of course, you might need a face-to-face meeting to gauge the chemistry between you, but skip meetings with users who don’t feel like a match based on their communication patterns.

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