According to feedback in this area, fetishists develop their biases based on backgrounds growing up or exposure to certain situations. A poop fetish might grow out of excessive sexual orgasms around poop areas. For instance, you might have had sexual experiences in public bathrooms or experienced stings where an orgasm came to be while the fecal matter was present too. Either way, a poop fetish is less common than other forms of sexual desire. Thus, fetish dating involving poop fetishes is rare too.

That said, a video called 2 ladies 1 cup is perhaps the best or worst example of a poop fetish. It centers on 2 ladies who exchange poop in a cup, each tasting it and the like. Although this is an extreme case of the fetish, poop fetishists primarily focus their attention on fecal matter, in whichever form. It does, however, revolve around a span of activities, all centering on poop. The 2 girls 1 cup video caused a ruckus when it came out, but poop fetishists were not surprised. This form of sexual escapism might be a borderline psychological disorder to some. However, it is no more abnormal than having a fetish for chocolates, neck kissing, satin-wearing, or hair bodies.

Coprohilia – What Is It?

Scientifically, it is known as Coprophilia. It can be an obsession to poop that involves touching it, having it all over your body, having another’s poo on your body, or even eating the same. It is known as scat in some circles, especially when porn is involved, whereby men and women rub poo all over each other. When it comes to Sado-Masochism, under BDSM, this activity is more common than we might think. According to a Finnish study, almost 20% of Sado-Masochism enthusiasts had participated in some form of poop fetishism. It is not practiced in everyday bedroom matters, but it is gaining ground on online dating portals.

  • Also, it falls under partialism as a form of an exceptionally abnormal type of sexual endeavor, though some may beg to differ. As LGBTQs gain ground in all matters same-sex, it should be no surprise that fetish dating, in this case, poop, is gaining exposure, at least in conversation.
  • Some American artists have become infamous for promoting the same, in some cases being sued for going too far. One artist named Berry recorded clips of himself peeing on others, while ladies were recorded pooping in restrooms.
  • It became more popularly known as Cleveland steamer. It has gained ground as a particularly underground form of fetish, one that mostly revolves around underground recordings as well.
  • When the American congress and the United States government, in general, discuss such matters, it can only be concluded that it is no longer an underground thing.

Prevalence – Out in the Light or the Dark?

This activity is not for the faint-hearted, whether you are directly or indirectly involved. Having someone poop on you needs to be a consensual activity, failure of which can lead to lawsuits. When women defecate on men, it is almost always consensual. Gay men are not necessarily the most popular poop fetishists. Though a queer man or two might enjoy taking a poop on another man’s chest, it is not solely a gay community thing. Known as an increasingly polarized fetish, having someone pee or poo on you may have begun while taking a shower and your partner accidentally defecates on you.

Demographically, this is less common in older females and males, whereby less exposed or traumatized peeps wouldn’t indulge. Predisposition plays a key role too. Not every male or female who gets pooed on while having sex in the shower will form a poop fetish. It is more prevalent among individuals with specific traits – an overlap between pain and pleasure neurons.

Thus, its commonness cannot be that high, neither is it discussed over the dining table. After the 2 girls and 1 cup video from ten years ago, fetish dating involving poop fetishism remains shocking. To most, it is gruesome to watch or hear of the same. However, with online dating platforms, and specific niche BDSM sites, finding a lady to poo on you is not out of the question. It is also remarkably safer and easier to facilitate these without ridicule or harassment.