A long tongue fetish is a form of partialism where a person is specifically attracted to the other person’s tongue. Partialism is a type of paraphilia which is being sexually aroused to a specific part of the body. Some types of paraphilia are not acceptable socially, and some are borderline illegal. However, a long tongue fetish between two consenting adults does no one any harm. Researchers have floated many theories about how people come to be attracted to specific parts of the body and fetish dating in general. Some people have a belief conditioning from a young age or involvement in sexual activities that promote unusual use of other parts of the body.

Activities and Variations

Activities constituting a tongue fetish are a lot. Some people get sexual satisfaction and gratification from just touching the tongue, and others want to lick a tongue piercing, etc.

  • French Kissing. Eye contact during a French kiss is massively underrated; the lengths you can go are unlimited. It is flirtatious when combined with a smile. There’s no debate if you’re into dating; your French kissing skills should be on top.
  • Oral Sex. Guys with a tongue fetish will probably be into oral sex, whether in the form of cunnilingus, blowjobs, or the 69 combinations. They derive pleasure from stimulating sexual organs using the tongue. Not all people who like oral sex have a liking for long tongues.

Bringing up a Long Tongue Fetish to Your Partner

Let’s say you have a long tongue fetish that your partner doesn’t know about. How do you bring it up?

  • Introduce It Gradually. Dumping all the information on your partner is unwise and will catch them off-guard. To show it’s a serious issue, start from an emotional point. Start the conversation gradually and thoughtfully introduce the matter.
  • Provide Context. Adding little details while having the conversation will give your partner much-needed context to understand your situation. A background story on how it started is also good, it might be embarrassing, but the point will be hammered home.
  • Implore Your Partner’s Fantasies. It is to prevent the conversation and revelations from being one-sided. It will also portray you as an unselfish person who thinks about others.

Where to Find Women for Fetish Dating

Luckily, there are dating sites and apps which are specific to a particular fetish. It is much easier than roaming in real life looking for a match. The chances are zero to nil. However, with a targeted dating site, there are better chances of getting a woman with the same fetish. There is also no awkwardness because you know what to expect.

Is It Wrong?

The word fetish originates from the Portuguese word feitico, which means an obsessed fascination with something. Some of them and paraphilia are illegal and could be considered wrong, but a tongue fetish doesn’t fall under that category. Consent between the two parties involved is okay to get the action started with zero repercussions. Sure, tongue play might be extreme to some people, but there is nothing morally or legally wrong about it.

Risks Involved

Like any other sexual activity, there are health risks involved in a tongue fetish. Make sure you and your partner are tested before partaking to minimize the risk of infection. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are easily transmitted via forms of oral sex.

Exploring Your Fetish

  • Connect with other people. There are online communities, especially social media groups of a specific fetish, where people share their experiences. Joining such communities gives you a form of acceptance and a chance to learn more about your fetish.
  • Fetish Is Normal. Tongue fetishes are quite common, so don’t put yourself in a box wondering what’s wrong with you. The first thing in understanding a fetish is realizing they are quite normal. Exploring yourself sexually is not something to be ashamed of. Learn to accept yourself, and everything will be smooth after that.

Go for it!

The best way to enjoy a tongue fetish is to understand it and get a partner who is open about it. Ensure it is consensual, and both of you enjoy doing it. Any form of sexual intimacy is better if communication is involved. Relay your feelings and exactly what you want. Your partner might be slow in taking up your fetish, but it’s your responsibility to get them on your side and make them understand you. Never be defensive about your fetish; it’s better to find someone who likes you the way you are. Online hookup sites are better suited to match you with someone who has the same fetish as you.

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