The smell of juicy grilled meat. The taste of melting chocolate. Dripping off the ice-cream down the chin of your partner. The melodious sound of chewing. If those pictures sent shivers down your spine and you felt excitement in your privates, welcome. You’re one of us. One of the people blessed with the best fetish in the universe – the magnificent food fetish.

Stay with us, we’ll tell you more about your blessing if you’re new. If you’re experienced, this will still be one hell of a post. And, as a reward to reading till the end, we’ll reveal a place where you can meet other blessed humans.

How does food fetish sex work?

Food fetish isn’t the same for everybody. Some of us like to watch partners while they eat or devour a meal. Some of us like to use our partners as a table to serve food on. Some of us like to use it as a replacement for sex toys. Some of us do all of the above. It doesn’t matter you are into all of those food things or just one – you’re one of us.

Different kinds of food fetishes (and how they work):

  • Food used as a sex toy – bananas, sausages, cucumbers. Yes, yes, yes! You know what to do with those. They are used as a replacement for dildos. On the other hand, fruits and cakes can be used to penetrate them. You haven’t lived until you stick it in the watermelon.
  • Eating food from another person’s body – that kind of food play is so common you can find a lot of restaurants that don’t use tables. They use hot girls and boys instead. Even more, people practice naked food fetish at home with their partners. A meal is placed on the strategic areas of the body. Then the feast begins. Slowly, sensually. Are you shivering already?
  • Watching your partner eats – it doesn’t necessarily have to be your partner. You may feel sexual arousal every time you see somebody you find sexy eating. While they chew and swallow food. Still, most of us learn how to control it and engage in play only with our partners. That’s one of the best food fetishes because romantic dinner is sensual foreplay at the same time.
  • Watching someone devour food – there is a big difference between verbs eat and devour, but you already know that. You devil! For some of us, simple eating doesn’t mean much. We don’t find it sexual at all. But seeing someone devour a cake or a steak like a savage boils our blood.

Now when you know what counts as a food fetish you can be honest to yourself and enter the world where food is more than a meal. Don’t be ashamed, find somebody like you and play. It will be the tastiest sex you’ll ever experience until you do it again. It will feel better every time. But you may be wondering where to meet somebody who won’t find your fetish weird. Somebody wants to play with you. Don’t worry. We promised to show you a place where you can meet other blessed singles. We keep our promises.

Meeting singles with food fetish

Finding partners to date and play with might be hard if you have some fetish. Those are still a taboo to most of the population in the UK. God knows in how many awkward situations your fetish put you until this point. You can say goodbye to those situations now.

BDSM sites in the UK are full of blessed people. We know what goes through your mind now – “I don’t want any BDSM, I want somebody who’ll eat food from my privates”. Don’t worry; those sites are full of men and women with food fetish. Thousands of them are looking for somebody to fulfill their nude food fetish fantasies. Also, you can join dating sites to find a partner for your BDSM games. It`s possible to use special features and chat rooms where you can share your fetishes and interests with like-minded.

Your sexual orientation won’t be a problem there either. Everybody is welcome to join. Your body type or food preference won’t stop you from meeting singles in the UK. Some of the members are looking for partners to play with food on them. Some of them are looking for fit singles, but a huge number prefers to eat with and from big partners. Your weight isn’t a problem in the fetish world. It’s a blessing—the same as your food fetish. In a world where nothing is weird, you can’t stay alone.