Before we start, you need to know one thing about Vorarephilia. It is all about eating people but has nothing to do with cannibalism. Vorarephilia (sometimes shortened to “vore”) rarely introduces paraphilia, described by the sensual longing to burn-through or be devoured by someone else or animal. Scarcely any information exists on Vorarephilia. This term is hardly familiar to the common man in the street.

And meanwhile, every person in love experienced vorarefil desires. How often, in languid bliss, people tell each other that they want to dissolve in a partner completely. Or, on the contrary, playfully nibbling, they say that they want to eat their favorite. Yes, Vorarephilia is the desire to eat or be eaten by your partner.

Different Types of Vorarephilia

Vore fetishist’s fantasies can be quite subtle. The definition of “unusual” does not fit here. And that’s why:

  • Macrophilia or microfilia

From these two terms, it becomes clear that one partner is “big,” and the other is “small.” Here the condition is directly indicated that the “predator” and “prey” are unequal. Fantasy presumes to look at the world through a small creature’s eyes, like a rabbit in front of a boa or a mouse in front of a cat.

The predator can play with its prey, watch it without touches for some time. The “victim” must survive these minutes before being eaten, be able to interact with the “predator” to delay the “lunch” as long as possible. Those experiences that both partners receive should bring maximum pleasure.

  • Domination and submission

It is clear that the “predator” always sets the tone for what is happening. The victim has no choice but to obey the wishes of the latter.

  • Traveling in a different body

Vorarefils always comment on what is happening. That is why this fetish often works at a distance. You can tell each other about what’s going on. What the victim sees and feels, which is now passing through the esophagus. What are the sensations of a well-fed predator who feels how his lunch gets into the stomach?

  • Endosomatophilia

The term means the complete absorption of its prey inside the predator. In this case, the victim remains alive. Vorarefils have no destructive urge. They need to be in someone else’s body or to have another being inside them.

“Nom-nom” or the Vore Fetish Game Rules

This game has simple rules: “predator” and “prey.” You can play any role that you like more: bunny, mouse, whatever. It doesn’t matter, as long as there is an identification that brings real pleasure. What’s interesting is that Vorarephiles rarely change their passions. And if inside, he is a formidable lion – he will always play this role.

But he also dictates the conditions of choice and the victim. If he loves to eat with antelopes, then the partner will be this particular animal. Otherwise, the vorarefil will not get his pleasure.

Most often, partners are both vorarephiles. After all, this is not just a role-playing game. This is a real fetish, which means that only it can deliver sexual pleasure. When a third participant is added to the game, which is not uncommon in BDSM games, they are either only an observer or the second victim, in front of which the first one will be devoured.

Here you can draw a clear parallel between the animal world and human society. People identify themselves with the fauna and trying to perform sexual satisfaction according to these animal laws.

Vorarephilia – Outreach to BDSM

This fetish is referred to as BDSM due to the clear direction of dominance and submission. Since these two conditions are fundamental in the definition of BDSM, no other proof is required. The “predator” always prevails, the “prey” always obeys.

Resistance is encouraged here, the struggle for one’s life, the desire to escape and outwit the attacker. From the outside, it looks like cute catch-ups. But this is just a game of two doves. With vorarefils, everything is much more serious. They cannot normally interact sexually until they start their game. Their emotions always obey sexual fantasies and can be gentle and weak, or they can frighten with their harshness and strength.

Usually, vorarefils do not harm each other. Well, maybe a couple of bites or scratches, but that’s okay in BDSM practice. Moreover, in their games, as in all areas of BDSM, they have a stop word and subject to safety rules.

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