So, you must be heard about sock fetish stories, but to understand what it is and what it means to most fetishists, you need to dig deeper. Firstly, there is no such fetish as “sock fetish.” People who are unstudied in such things may think about it as the main fetish. But the first thing you should learn about is foot fetish.

A foot fetishist is a person who experiences sexual desire at the sight of legs, or rather feet. Everyone is accustomed to the fact that the word sex refers to those parts of the body and objects directly involved in this process – lips, genitals, hands, bed.

Main Characteristic of the Foot Fetish

By many estimates, erotic and sexual attraction to the legs and feet is one of the most common fetishes on the planet, in which female and male genitals are not involved. In most cases, delight, excitement, and pleasure in people with such tastes are caused by the legs’ appearance, sensations from touching them, taste and smell of the skin, performing some movements with your fingers.

In addition to being fascinated by these natural images, tastes, and smells, foot fetishists have an increased interest in clothing items somehow related to the legs. For example, leggings, tights, stockings, socks, knee-highs, and different shoes. Particular attention is also paid to the elements of nail decoration – pedicure, rhinestones, rings.

As sociological polls and observations of people themselves show, foot fetish is more common among the male population. Accordingly, the object of their adoration is female legs. This almost “classic” sexual hobby is already several centuries old, and in all years, it was relevant.

It is also reliably known that women also often feel attraction to men’s feet, but much less often show this interest due to stereotypes and prejudices that it is dirty and perverse.

Ankle Sock Fetish + Olfactophilia

Foot fetish has a wide variety of ways to enjoy kinky things. Sock fetish is one among them, but mixed with olfactophilia – sexual arousal called by scents and smells exuding from the body, particularly the sexual zones. Combine it and receive a sock fetish.

Some people are driven by smelly socks. No jokes. Many socks fetishists buying unwashed footwear or using socks of their partners. It is very common, especially among gay men.

Girl Sock Fetish or “Have You Washed Your Legs?”

Feminine foot fetishism, aimed at male feet, began to develop relatively recently. Until the 90s of the last century, representatives of the male population practically did not wear open shoes. Besides, cosmetic foot care was not common among the stronger sex. Most men limit themselves to only procedures necessary for health, not worrying too much about the beauty of their feet.

In modern times, some young men and young people are much more attentive to their beauty than their ancestors and do not hesitate to demonstrate it. Therefore, interest in male sexuality has increased significantly among the female population.

Also, according to the results of observations and research, it became clear that the fetish on the feet does not depend on the person’s orientation. Among homosexual people, there was a strong attraction to the legs of partners of both sexes. At the same time, all their other interests were limited to people of the same sex. Both men and women who are attracted to other people’s feet tend to note various most attractive qualities for themselves.

For example, someone is turned on by legs and toes of a certain size. And someone is more excited by the natural “design” – the skin color, the shape of the nail. There are simply no common tastes.

Foot or Sock Fetish in BDSM

Some BDSM games are created around a man’s infatuation with a partner’s feet, and this direction is called foot fetish in BDSM. For example, some practices are unusual for a person with simple tastes, such as hitting the feet, stimulating sensations with hot, cold, sharp objects.

Tickling is especially popular among fetishists. Some people combine their excitement from contact with their partner’s legs and their passive inclinations. They enjoy the fact that their lover takes a dominant position and presses his feet on their face, body, makes them lick and kiss their feet, suck their fingers.

There is also a sexual practice that stands at a distance from the classic foot fetish. It is called a footjob, and its meaning is to stimulate the male genital organ with female feet. Videos with this “foot masturbation” are popular among the audience of pornographic sites.

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