First of all, nothing is weird when non-sexual items turn you on. It is no surprise to feel a sexual desire when you view porn, perhaps when you eat chocolates or when nylon panties slide down a lady’s legs. In the same manner, a neck fetish is simply a preoccupation with one’s neck, but not yours.It means a man might feel a particular sensation when a female rubs her neck, maybe touches it, perhaps puts a necklace on. Thus, it becomes more of a turn-on if he gets a chance to touch another’s neck himself, perhaps even kissing her. A neck fetish is nothing uncommon, but for one reason or another, people might feel a need to place it exceptional or abnormal behavior, which isn’t true.

  • A neck fetishist will find extreme pleasure when a woman tilts her neck to one side. In addition, like most types of kinks, neck fetishes will involve some other form of sensual enhancement.
  • For example, while the neck will turn on the man, extreme euphoria happens when he combines this with sensation play. It means using props, or in this case, perhaps an ice cube, a rose, or heat to play with one’s neck.
  • All this falls under BDSM dating, but it is more specific to fetish dating because there is a particular interest in one area, which provides someone with all the pleasure they need.
  • An individual with a neck fetish may never need any form of penetration, e.g., vaginal or anal, to orgasm. All this person needs is unrestricted access to a female neck.

Partialism – Problem or Progress?

When individuals begin to judge, they almost inevitably come up with names, titles, and slogans that are not always pleasant. With neck fetishes, this group, along with other fetishes, falls under the category of Partialism. It states that a person can have a preoccupation with a particular body part, to the point that it gives them extreme sexual pleasure.

In this case, the neck of a female, for a man, becomes the ultimate form of pleasure. With this form of categorization comes a certain bias and name-calling that is deemed unnecessary. On fetish dating and all things considered unorthodox, some people believe Partialism falls under paraphilia.Much to the displeasure of people who enjoy neck kissing, caressing, or touching, paraphilia is deemed a psychological disorder. It is controversial because other forms of extreme mental disorders fall under paraphilia, including, of course, pedophilia. Nonetheless, this form of pleasure-seeking is uncommon and might be one of the oldest forms of fetishes out there.

  • Believing that it is abnormal or something out of the norm could not be further from the truth. However, when Partialism causes distress to you or another person, it can become abnormal. In this case, it would be proper to classify it as perverted or a mental disorder.
  • However, with consenting adults, it is nothing more than good, clean fun deviating slightly from the norm – whatever that might be.

Prevalence – Common or Uncommon?

It has to be one of the most common forms of Partialism. For starters, most teens play with each other’s necks, not knowing how pleasurable it is for the giving party too. To put into perspective, females love having their necks kissed but never really know when a man is enjoying it, perhaps even more than them. It might involve extreme cases under BDSM, whereby a sadist will squeeze the neck of another. According to studies, the nape of the neck tops the list as one of the most erogenous zones on the female body. Thus, it is not uncommon that men are drawn to this area, perhaps unwittingly, as they aim to please their female mates.

Incidentally, a few females are known to love kissing a man’s neck, more to their pleasure than his. For most males, either the female neck becomes a turn-on or no neck at all. Having their neck kissed is predominantly a pleasure of the female. Thus, demographically, it is more common for men to have a neck fetish, while a few select females enjoy kissing the neck of a man while nibbling an ear lobe. It, in fetish dating, can be combined with sensation play, which involves rubbing anything from chocolates, ice cubes, roses to jewelry on a lady or man’s neck. Try fetish dating on BDSM sites today – discreet flirting and chatting await you!