A humiliation fetish is when someone gets sexually aroused or excited from humiliation and being demeaned. The acts of humiliation don’t necessarily have to be sexual, and it’s the feeling of humiliation that gets the person off. The humiliation can be in public or private, depending on the fetish of said person.

It’s the perfect embodiment of the end justifies the means because what is being sorted is the feeling of being ashamed. There are no limits on the activities to get you there. The means used to humiliate the fetish can be verbal, physical, or even erotic. It’s an interesting fetish. The person enforcing the humiliation is known as a top, and the one at the end of the ordeal is a bottom.

Erotic Humiliation

The purpose of humiliation among people with a humiliation fetish is to give them erotic arousal and excitement. Sometimes it can be done in front of people like in public. It’s similar to dominance in that there is some form of domination and submission by the participants. As stated earlier, erotic humiliation can be in public or private, and it can be verbal, physical, or done online.

It’s all about control and submission. Online humiliation is more popular than the others because most people worry about their humiliation fetish. When the humiliation is done online, it’s possible to hide your identity.

Verbal Humiliation

It’s a form of erotic humiliation prevalent in BDSM relationships where one partner is humiliated verbally by the other one. The verbal insults have to be consensual for it to be considered a humiliation fetish. Insults like whore, slut, and fag can be incorporated, or pet names like a boy, slave, bitch, or dog.

Sometimes, the insults can be personal and refer to certain body parts or mock the subject’s physicality and psychology. The size and shape of a penis, for example, can be ridiculed. There is also role reversal where the dominant partner is at the receiving end.

Physical Humiliation

This form of humiliation is where one partner undertakes the action to showcase their dominance to the other partner. These acts range from donning specific clothes like lingerie or restrictive gear like gag balls or chains. It’s not a rarity in the Western world to find a man or a woman chained and whipped while being walked like a dog.

There is an episode of the hit reality drama series Cheaters where a man suspects his girlfriend of cheating. Upon a successful spying mission by Cheaters private investigators, he finds out his girlfriend is in a fetish relationship with another man. To make it even more interesting, her girlfriend was at the top. It’s a good example and available online upon a simple google search. Golden showers are another example.

Online Humiliation

It’s quite popular due to the lack of physical contact and the anonymity behind an online account. Guys can get wild, whether publicly in chatrooms or private messages. Another reason for its popularity is people who are yet to come to terms with their humiliation fetish dating needs will appreciate the secrecy offered online. Shaming, insults, and dirty words are used, so don’t hold back your wordplay on this one.

Additionally, online users can state on their online profiles the fetish actions they are seeking. It clears the ambiguity, and guys who initiate contact are aware of what’s ahead, whether physical, verbal, or online. It’s good to have safe words as a couple on the erotic acts you partake in. It puts a limit in place for when the act goes too far.

Finding Women for Fetish Dating

There is no denying that online humiliation is the most popular of the three types. It’s due to the accelerated growth of the internet and increased functionality of dating sites. In hookup websites, men and women alike are looking for fetish dating partners at a successful rate. A good fetish dating website will have subsections and a good number of active users. Amazing filters can sort online searches for partners like location, age, and fetish forms. It’s a great place to start and work your way up to a first date and hopefully more.

Humiliation vs. Domination

In humiliation, the receiving partner is getting a reaction to action and being sexually aroused from it. In domination, the focus is on the actions and dominance of the bottom. There is a thin line between humiliation and domination, and some acts cross these lines. The major difference between the two is the intent of the actions involved.

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