A submissive relationship involves a power dynamic where one of the participants is the dominating partner (Dom) and the other is submissive to them (Sub). Such a form of BDSM dating goes beyond the physical aspect of domination. The dominant partner plays the role of master, protector, leader and provides guidance. The submissive partner is merely a servant to please the needs of their master.

It is a relationship that requires absolute trust and the understanding of roles to be played. Limits and guidelines have to be kept, bringing up the need for constant communication and honest conversations on the limits.

Types of Submissive Relationships

Some people are not comfortable displaying such a relationship to the public and would rather keep it hidden. Another option would be to have an online relationship where the domination doesn’t involve physicality. A lot of people are exploring this option.

Open or Monogamous partnerships are common in a submissive relationship. It can be an exclusive partnership or a polyamorous relationship where multiple partners are entertained. Some are not romantically engaged or having sex in submissive relationships. In some rare cases, the couples are known to interchange their Dom/Sub roles.

A master-slave submissive relationship is one where the Sub relinquishes their power and everything to the Dom. It’s an interesting dynamic and a very popular route for most people.

A popular misconception on these relationships is that the Dom partner has to be cruel, and the Sub is naïve. It is completely wrong because a submissive relationship cannot work without the consent of both partners. In contrast to such talks, the Dom needs to be compassionate yet commanding in their role.

What’s the Appeal of Submissive Relationships?

A very high level of mental connection is needed to make such a relationship possible. Participants will be excited to have such a connection because it brings out the best in couples.

Absolute trust is another factor in these partnerships. Such levels of trust needed can inspire people to link up and have such a relationship.

Submissive relationships bring about sexual dynamism and a variety of games to play while in the bedroom. It is a huge factor because an issue with couples nowadays is the deteriorating and boredom of sexual activities. It is due to repetition, which isn’t a problem in BDSM dating.

Be a Good Submissive Partner to Make Your Relationship Prosper

The success of BDSM dating depends on how each partner understands and executes their roles. It can be very fulfilling for a sub to serve their Dom. The latter also has to earn the right to have a subservient partner.

These power play games are the fuel that keeps the fire of these relationships burning. As a sub, refrain from ceding your power and control to anyone. It has to be someone who understands how you want them to be dominant.

Being a sub doesn’t mean being a tool of being used badly. Although they strive to serve their master, they also have their own humanely needs. Let’s look at what makes a good submissive partner and how to be one.

  • Know Your Role and Responsibilities – As the submissive one, discuss the expected roles and responsibilities with your partner. Have an honest conversation about the activities to partake in and how far they can go. Remember that both of you have to consent to them; otherwise, there is abuse involved.
  • Safe Words – Consider incorporating a safe word in your activities to inform your partner when they are crossing the line. It is important to avoid doing something you’re uncomfortable with and affect your relationship.
  • Honest Communication – This is an enormous role for partners because BDSM dating entails honest communication for clarification. Kinky details can be shared, and preferences exchanged. Tell your partner how you want them to dominate you.
  • Patience – Submission and dominance are hard to get right from the go. Both partners need patience for the relationship to work and create a bond. There will be failures along the way, but that shouldn’t deter you.
  • Provide Feedback – After a game of submission and dominance, normalize providing feedback to your partner. It can be what you enjoyed or what you didn’t find amusing. This back and forth feedback will forge a good understanding.

Remember that all activities in such a relationship have to be safe, consensual, and sane. Femdom (Female Dominance) is when a female dominates a male partner, and maledom (Male Dominance) is vice versa. As of now, femdom is more popular than maledom, backed with more material about it online.

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