For clarification, a fetish is not perversion. It simply is an attraction to something non-sexual but sexual. Picture if you will someone with an extreme liking for high heels, yet never using them, per se, as a sex toy. Fetishes revolve around several things, from foodstuff (e.g., chocolates) to fixtures down to nylon. Nylon fetishes are a sexual attraction or desire to participate in sexual activities revolving around nylon attire. This piece of clothing can stir up sexual feelings in several ways:

  • A man might be extremely turned on when a lady wears nylon material. Incidentally, it may not be a nylon top, shorts, or scarf that turns him on; specifically, it would normally be pantyhose, thongs, and the like.
  • A man might find it particularly hot when a woman wears these pantyhose to work, to bed, and with nothing else on. It might involve random women, but with online relationship sites, it is easy to meet women willing to please you in this way only as a male or female.
  • The more extreme case of nylon fetish would be wearing pantyhose. In this case, a man might find it a turn-on to secretly walk around in nylon pantyhose, perhaps even orgasm while having it on. Additionally, they might use online portals to find like-minded females for BDSM, involving pantyhose. For men who love being submissive, they would wear a lady’s pantyhose while a dominant female controls them. It is a fantastic place to be, emotionally and physically; especially with compatible friends or people you meet online.

Underwear Fetishism – Ins and Outs

Underwear fetishism is in line with nylon fetishism, as far as undergarments are concerned. For instance, you might have a particular fantasy about wearing certain underwear or someone else wearing the same. An individual might feel some type of way with underwear fetishism when wearing silk panties, thongs, or nylon panties instead of cotton underwear. More commonly, though, they might fancy seeing a woman wearing certain types of underwear.

For some men or women, euphoria kicks in when they handle these types of underwear. It could simply involve folding certain panties and putting them away or rubbing them against one’s skin. For the most part, men falling in this category enjoy watching women putting on underwear, whatever the material, or taking it off. These may be petite, ethnic, BBW, or other types of women, but with underwear fetishism, eyes are on the garments, not the people.

Extreme underwear fetishists not only enjoy watching women wear these garments, but they might also take time to smell the underwear after it is taken off. Finding people who would enjoy taking them off for you might be a struggle, especially if they are not exposed enough to know it is a lifestyle and type of natural desire. Thus, you can find like-minded people with these sorts of interests using online relationship sites, including wearing them and taking them off for your viewing pleasure.

Prevalence – Demographics, Locality et al

When it comes to commonness, fetish dating is nothing new, and neither is it still considered unorthodox. It is becoming increasingly popular for men and women to enjoy fetish dating away from local clubs and online platforms. There are spots infamous for hosting fetish types of environments, but these are increasingly becoming unsafe.

The prevalence of underwear fetishism spans all age groups, though many begin at an early age, not knowing it will follow through to adulthood. For men, considerably more males wearing female underwear do so as crossdressers. Thus, it involves more than viewing women wearing them or taking them off.

It revolves around feeling them on your body, which is more common among older men nowadays than ever. In one extreme case, a bra thug received a two-week sentence after dashing out of his house during a blackout to steal a bra. It might be more on the extreme side, with more common instances of men wearing female undies beginning at the pre-middle school level.

Extreme crossdressing among older men involves wearing female thongs/G-strings, but there is a flipside to underwear fetishism. Some women get extreme pleasure from selling their underwear, perhaps in seeing how men respond to them. Therefore, the demographic in underwear fetishism range between men and women of all ages, but predominantly educated individuals of adult age. Visit BDSM sites today and enjoy discreet nylon fetish dating.