Fetster dating site review


Fetster is the hidden gem of fetish dating. The service is easy to use and makes it easy to find partners. This is a great dating site that is built for the BDSM community. You will find a great match here and have a great time. Whether you're new to BDSM or an experienced partner, join Fetster. There is only one way to check a quality site; with the Fetster review, you can understand whether you need to open this service. The platform is revolutionizing the world of adult BDSM dating by offering free services. Users can view the profiles of other members and select a potential partner. The service promotes and permits extreme sexual dating such as BDSM and other weird dating things that people find interesting. Meet the hot people in your area who want to have a great time.

Expert’s Summary

Fetster is not just an online dating service; it is a large community. The platform has a large base of real persons, you will not find fraudulent schemes here, and no matter what site you contact, you can be sure that he is a real person. Fetster review gives you the freedom to choose; you can connect with anyone and start a fun conversation. The site has a special forum that allows members to interact with each other.

On the forums, you can really enjoy it, because you will have the opportunity to chat with each other on your favourite topics and meet other people. Many dating services charge a fee to use the platform whatever type of dating you're looking for. But Fetster is different from others - it allows you to use the service for free. The design of Fetster impresses with its simplicity and ease of use. Functions are prominently placed for easy navigation and intuitive operation. The site is secure in terms of members and their privacy.

Pros & cons


  • Fetster app is one of the few sites that offer free memberships that allow you to chat with your members.
  • All features are completely free, including messaging, unlimited mail, photo, and video sharing, sending and receiving gifts.
  • Large membership base provides a wide selection of available people who have something in common with you.
  • Fetster has a very simple registration process. The site has simple and convenient navigation. You can add your features and create your profile in your way.
  • Instantly find other members. You can search by gender, age, sexual orientation, location, interests, and more.
  • Unlimited messages; you can send as many as you want.


  • The website does not support the Fetster app. But you can access the site from a regular browser on your phone. The mobile version is adapted.
  • Doesn't support matchmaking. You will have to manually search for people and check if they are interested in you.

Membership Base

Having a lot of members on the site is important for those looking for the best dates. People are looking not only for those who meet their physical needs but also those interested in the same BDSM activities. The Fetster service has many users, but unlike dating platforms, the Fetster app does not remove members if they have been inactive for a long time. You can send a message to any person, even if he has not been active recently.

Fetster becomes one of the largest BDSM communities. There are not many sites that provide many features to help you find the perfect partner.Many people worldwide are part of this service because they find a safe and reliable community here. This versatility and diversity make the BDSM site safe for people who may not feel safe in real life. On this site, the proportion of women is higher than that of men.The professional Fetster team is great at removing fake users from the service. So you don't have to worry about profiles trying to get your information because they don't exist. There are no bots on the site either. This means that you have no chance, like on other sites, to be deceived by someone. The service takes user safety seriously.

Fetster Membership Base

Profiles Quality

If you are interested in the BDSM dating community, then registering on the site will not be difficult. You have to fill in the registration fields where you must indicate your name, email, password, sexual orientation, what kind of people you are attracted to, and a few more questions. It doesn't take long, so the members will see your profile and know what you want. Fetster is open to all people who want to join and have fun. The site provides an excellent service for users to find and interact with people who share their interests. You will find many singles here looking for kinky sex, lust, and love. The site is completely free to use. Profiles have a lot of information so that you can easily determine the person who suits you and will fulfil your wishes.

Fetster Profiles Quality

Matchmaking and Chatting

If you want to find someone special on the Fetster website, you can use the handy search function. The professional team has spent a lot of time creating tools for the members that will make it easy to find a potential partner. Users can filter profiles by age, gender, and what they're looking for. The search function seems to be the most perfect.Some people consider the search capabilities and quality of the profiles down to the smallest detail. You can find the right sexual orientation, the right desire, the right look, the right location, and dive into the BDSM dating scene. The site is designed to maximize your dating and entertainment experience. You can go to the forum where you can also meet attractive people with common interests. You can learn about new things, gain new knowledge and enjoy sexual pleasures.

Free Features:

Unlike other dating services, the Fetster app is completely free. Anyone can join this platform. You only need to register, and you will get a lot of opportunities. Information control is in the hands of the members. This means that you can restrict the people who can view your profile. These opportunities give users a unique experience in controlling information on BDSM. Signing up for an account gives you many options. You can view profiles, communicate with interesting people who share your interests, join different forums and groups.

Any topic can be discussed there. Even you can start the topic you want. You can also be part of a group or create your own group and talk about issues that are important to you. Fetster allows members to share videos and photos. The site offers messaging for all members absolutely free. You can send and receive messages at any time. Join Fetster and start talking about your fetishes and perversions. You have a great opportunity to become part of a large community.

There are no paid features on the site.

Expert’s Conclusion

Fetster.com is more than just a regular dating service. There are many features available on this service that you can use for free. On the service, you put on many profiles of attractive people, messages, photos, forums, and groups, which you can also join for free.Free messaging will be available to you. Users have the ability to receive and send text messages, videos and photos to each other at any time. Join in and start sending messages to your potential BDSM partner.

If you are interested in a BDSM dating service, Fetster is open to everyone so you can succeed in finding the perfect match. The service offers members an excellent platform to find and interact with singles who share the same interests. Here you will find many singles looking for something perverted and waiting for you. Enjoy the BDSM scene with Fetster.


  • How long does it take for the site moderators to approve my account on Fetster

    On the Fetster website, you can instantly create your account. You need to keep a name, mail, interests, what attracts you, etc. It doesn't take long for the service to verify your account. 24/7 support is available on the site, so you can always contact user support if you have any problems or questions.

  • How do Free and Full Memberships differ on fetish?

    Fetster app has no paid service. You can relish all the features and benefits absolutely free of charge. The site is free for all members. This means that you only need to join the Fetster site to unlock most of the features. The service provides the ability to manage and create your own groups or join those that you like. You will be able to discuss things in the community, blog, or participate in various discussions where you can meet potential partners. The site has a great 24/7 support feature that is available to all members.