Fetish dating site review


Fetish.com is a service designed for persons with unique sexual desires. Any of your fetishes will be supported on this fetish app. Regardless of what gender you are and what your preferences are. It is also not just for those who want to know about it; it welcomes everyone. Here you will find a safe meeting place for like-minded friends and partners. Be sure that everyone here will share your interests. This website treats fetishists as equals that you will not find on other sites dedicated to fetishes and BDSM. This service is considered to be unique, where everyone can find the best match. Join and express any sexual fantasies and desires.

Expert’s Summary

If you want to open up to sexual desires and turn them into reality, then this site is for you. This platform has a friendly atmosphere where you can dive into the world of fetishists.The number of Fetish.com members is increasing every day.There are more than 150,000 registered active users, and you will definitely find members who will be the best match. Men dominate the platform, but since it doesn't specialize in traditional relationships, gender doesn't matter.

The fetish app also welcomes the LGBTQ community, and you will find many members who belong to this group. You can find a wide variety of people with completely different preferences: from women to women, from women to men, from men to men, couples, groups, and absolutely anything you dream of. On the fetish app, you can join for free and start browsing profiles.

Pros & cons

If you want to know the pros and cons of an online dating site, then you can find out everything here.This service is one of the easy ways to meet a new partner, depending on your preferences. And you are likely to experience a lot of entertainment throughout the entire process. The popular dating service will let you meet a wide variety of fetishists. You`ll have a wide choice if you are looking for a serious relationship or a casual date.


  • Active user network
  • Simple registration process
  • Multiple search tools
  • The huge and diverse user base
  • Convenient site
  • Verified profiles


  • Paid additional features
  • No app
  • Dominated by men

Membership Base

Finding someone who shares fetishes is not always easy, especially in real life. One great solution is joining a BDSM and fetish app that will help you penetrate a community where there are many people who share your interests.

Fetish.com has about 150,000 members with a high percentage of active members every month. Men dominate the service, but there are a lot of women, about 45%.On the website, you will find many groups of men and women who are committed to BDSM and the fetish lifestyle. If you're looking for attractive people for weird dates, role-playing, and other and other activities, this is an amazing place to start.

Fetish Membership Base

Profiles Quality

The service has a simple registration process that will take no more than a few minutes.Unlike other fetish apps, you won't find big tests and many questions here; you just need to find a little basic information about yourself. When registering, you need to fill in the fields you need to indicate your location, date of birth, what you are looking for, and your sexual preferences.

The website is open to all gender identities, so you need to state how you identify yourself. You will see a ready-made list of answers for this section on the service, so you don't need to invent anything on your own and spend a lot of time on it. The service does not ask for your name. Fetish.com uses unique member names for identification.When a member uploads a photo, posts a status or creates a personal ad, it will be posted on the site's home page. Where other users can comment and rate your actions.

Fetish Profiles Quality

Matchmaking and Chatting

If you want to fulfil your desires and enjoy the highest quality of service, join fetish.com.Fetish.com attracts a BDSM community with ample dating opportunities, which makes this site a well-rounded site. You can view the profiles of other users, find out what interests them, their roles, and fetishes. You have the option to use filters to indicate what you are looking for.

The general differences between the premium and free versions are the number of users you can chat with. An automatic response setting can tell the user that he is not interested "right now" and how not to take it personally. This approach to rejection can keep you safe.If you are a free member of the service, you have the opportunity to show interest and connect with users and people in different ways. There are free chats; any person can join. The site encourages interaction, so when it is found that you have been inactive for a certain period, you may be expelled. In this way, when joining, you can be sure that there are only active users on the site.

But this doesn`t mean that if you were expelled, you would no longer be able to use the service. You will have the opportunity to rejoin fetish.com at any time. You can start chatting with any user at any time using the instant messaging feature. Also, each user has the opportunity to leave comments on the photos of the participants that they like for free. So open fetish.com; there are no hard restrictions, the service will make you think about all your sexual practices.

Free Features:

When visiting a dating site, the question people are interested in when visiting dating site is "Use the free version or the premium?". Fortunately, fetish.com suggests using both. You can start a user of the service for free without premium features. Although the site has communication features that are exclusive to paid members, such as initiating contact, you can communicate with other members even if you do not have a paid membership.

In this case, the service does not restrict anyone; you can join to show interest in the user and start a chat for free. There are free chats, and absolutely any member has the opportunity to join. You can find the most active users. The "swipe function" is common on many dating sites so that you can determine if a potential partner is right for you or not.

A unique advantage on the site is that instead of "likes" as on the usual services, on the site fetish.com you send and receive virtual slaps.You can absolutely always start browsing profiles with the free version; this allows you to determine if you like this site.

On the dating site Fetish.com, you can get two different types of paid subscriptions: VIP and Premium. This offers great benefits and access to all the unique features. If you want full access to all the advanced features of the site, you need a VIP account. If you do not know what a VIP account is and want to try it, you just need to subscribe and wait a bit until the service confirms your profile.

Once you do this, the platform will offer you a free 14-day premium trial. It doesn’t auto-renew, and you don’t have to worry about cancelling after your 14-day premium trial period ends. If you want to renew, you can easily do it. The price of a VIP account depends on the duration of the subscription.

  • 1 month EUR 9.90 / month,
  • , 3 months EUR 11.97 / month,
  • 6 months EUR 9.98 / month,
  • 12 months EUR 7.49 / month.

The longer you subscribe, the cheaper it`ll be if you take into account its daily cost. The price also depends on which payment method you choose. The paid version allows you to post comments on timelines, receive read receipts, create chats, and more.

Expert Conclusion

The overall impression of the Fetish.com review is that it is an amazing site that attracts fetishists with a common interest. It's also open to the queer community, with great dating opportunities and loads of articles on different topics. The site is good value for money if you are dedicated to uncovering your inner fetishist. Despite the fact that the service does not have an application, you can use this site from your phone. The mobile version is available for any browser and is perfectly optimized for both iOS and Android.

Absolutely all unique features are available in this version, so you can take full advantage of the platform wherever you are. The site has an excellent profile that is similar to social networking. You can view statistics, photos of members who have visited your page, and a list of profiles that you have visited recently in your profile. Other members can leave comments on your wall, and you can view and reply to them. The site allows you to upload personal photos that only VIP members will see. Based on our review, the fetish is a great site for people looking to find a unique match.


  • How long does it take for the site moderators to approve my account on fetish

    So, if you want to issue a VIP profile, then you need to pay on the payment page.If you paid with a debit or credit card, you just need to sign out and then sign in again. Your payment will happen instantly and automatically, and after that, you can plunge into the amazing entertainment on the site.

    If you paid with a one-time bank transfer, you would need to wait for a little while the site receives your payment; this usually takes about three days. In some cases, we need more information to approve your account, so you will need to check your email. If you have any problems or questions, you can always contact our support.?

  • How do Free and Full Memberships differ on fetish?

    Fetish.com is a quick way to meet new people. It's similar to the swipe features on dating platforms where you decide who you like and who doesn't suit you.With the free version, you will be able to register, browse other users' profiles, start chatting with members, reply to their messages, and also send slaps and join the chat.

    The paid version allows you to open access to more options. For example, VIP membership has communication features that are exclusive to members - initiating contact and viewing read receipts, creating chats, and much more. The subscription is not that expensive, and you can fully enjoy the Fetish site whenever you want.